Mirroring the Bengali society with better content

October 8, 2021
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In today’s world where paid content on OTT’s is ruling the roost, the out of the box thinking (pun intended) by Colours Bangla is a sure show winner. An attempt to cleanse their programming, the shows, a mix of fiction and reality shows will attempt to lessen the impact of the anxiety and misfortune that the Bengali society faces.

Ageless Wonder

With OTT platforms offering multi-genre content, the adaptability of their TV peers was always going to be a contentious issue. The age-old programs and shows that were made to appeal to the young generation of yesterday, left today’s young viewers miffed due to the unfathomable and drama laden content. The shows were a definite misfit from their point of view. Roping in the gentry of the Bengali film industry to create content better suited to the mindsets of the viewers, Colors Bangla hopes to touch upon topics that are relatable and reflect the generation’s dreams, aspirations, and issues. With this, the channel aims to provide a superior viewing experience and also help position itself as a pioneer of fresh and real content in a space cluttered with misrepresented family drama. 

Shows that stay true to current times will resonate with nine out of 20 Indians as they feel that the statement “Most of my leisure activities involve using digital technology” describes them very well, states a Mintel Research

The theory of brands adhering to the demands of the driving populace is very well exemplified through the Mintel Trend “Total Wellbeing” which states that consumers are treating their bodies like an ecosystem and seeking solutions that complement their personal health and evolving needs across fitness, health, beauty and overall well being. A key reason to appeal to the younger viewers with responsible and relatable content is to help shape their emotional well being. This change is synchronous with the Mintel Trend “Mood To Order”, which simply illustrates that people are looking for ways to manage their emotional wellbeing. The trend talks about how consumers need a new framework for processing emotions and mental health concerns. While off the shelf products are instrumental in filling this space, content producers, especially TV channels and OTT platforms, can lend a hand in the process.

The reform in the content space is gradual but significant. For instance, the tie up between dating platform Bumble and popular Instagrammer Poonam Sapra (aka “Mother With Sign”) sees the 65-year-old Poonam Sapra encouraging youngsters and seniors to embrace their feelings as she doles out dating advice for a Bumble campaign. Identifying the sleep issues that people have been experiencing from the beginning of the Covid-19 spread, Duroflex took cue and planned a digital music series hosted by new mother Kalki Kochelin. The brand’s music album called Sounds of Sleep will help people fall asleep through soothing songs and lullabies. On similar lines, what also stands-out is the effort of Indian companies led by MullenLintas, Oyo and Swiggy to give their employees flexible work hours, policies benefiting them to beat pandemic related stress and also having 3-days weekends.

What’s Next

Brands new and old will now be mindful while devising their strategies. Henceforth, their offerings will be weighted against several parameters and at the top among them would be the one favouring emotional well being. Brands still set in time will have to do a paradigm shift in shedding the cloak of age old principles by using consumer moods, feelings etc. as a key tool for making consumption decisions. Those with a digital presence will have to come up with a plan or product designed to appeal and address their day to day needs. The positive side of this development would be the demand it will create for television shows, media houses, influencers/content creators, as well as employers/ organisations that help people manage their emotional wellbeing, acknowledge mental health and manage productivity.

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