Credit Card direct mail more robust in Canada than in the US

April 22, 2009

Chicago (April 23, 2009)—Our neighbors to the north still get their mailboxes filled with credit card offers, even as space opens up in ours. New data from Mintel Comperemedia, a service that provides direct marketing competitive intelligence, shows credit card issuers haven’t reduced mail solicitations in Canada as rapidly as they have in the US.
Last year, credit card issuers only reduced direct mail offers to prospective Canadian cardholders by 8% (Q4 2007 to Q4 2008). In the US, they cut such mailings by 50%. Mintel Comperemedia attributes this difference to a less severe financial crisis in Canada during 2008.
Stephen Clifford, Vice President of Financial Services at Mintel Comperemedia: “In Canada, the economy and financial system remained relatively strong last year, so banks were not forced to reduce marketing direct mail offers as substantially as in the US. Canadian banks did not face the same levels of loan losses or tightened credit that US issuers did.”
Though Canada’s economy was fairly stable last year, economists predict a slowdown during 2009. Mintel Comperemedia expects credit card mailings to follow suit and drop as well. A 20% decline in solicitations is projected for Q1 2009 in Canada (from Q4 2008). However, this reduction still pales next to the 47% drop projected in US mailboxes.
“Banks in Canada now feel the impact of the global recession and increasing credit card losses at home,” adds Stephen Clifford. “With unemployment and personal bankruptcies on the rise in Canada, issuers are becoming more discerning about who they send new card offers to and how many are being distributed.”
Based on credit card acquisition direct mail volume from January – February 2009

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