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Mintel’s team of global beauty experts track product launches that address new consumer needs. This month, they spotlight beauty dual-action sets and multi-purpose products for consumers that are looking to get the most out of their purchase during difficult economic times.

Skin Inc Hand Serum & Sanitizer Duo

Skin Inc’s duo-chamber hand serum and sanitiser’s dual pumps provide sanitiser and serum for handcare in one container. The hand sanitiser contains 65% alcohol, the perfect balance between effectively destroying bacteria and being gentle on skin. The hand serum soothes skin and strengthens the skin barrier with four serums: vitamin B3, ceramides, hyaluronic acid and licorice.


Due to COVID-19, now is an ideal time for handcare innovations to expand and rectify the decline in handcare launches in APAC over the last five years. Brands can better focus on caring for the skin on the hands that are dried out from frequent handwashing and hand sanitiser use.

(Launched in October 2020 in Singapore)

– Sharon Kwek Si Ling, Associate Director, Southeast Asia, Beauty & Personal Care

Safe Hair Antimicrobial Hair Collection

The FDA-approved antimicrobial sanitizing shampoo and spray claims to help shield the hair and scalp from bacteria and germs. Safe Hair products can also be used to disinfect pillowcases, hair tools and beards/facial hair.


Although the COVID-19 outbreak has caused certain elements of consumers’ personal care routines (eg hair washing) to slide a bit, heightened concerns over bacteria and other germs may increase hair washing frequency in the medium and long term. Safe Hair Instant Cleansing Spray is designed to sanitize hair between washes and doesn’t require rinsing, appealing to consumers who are germ-cautious yet not interested in washing their hair more frequently.

(Launched in August 2020 in Brazil)

– Olivia Guinaugh, Home & Personal Care Analyst

Pure Culture Skincare Starter Set

This custom set’s formulas are crafted according to the results of a skin profile survey and an at-home test, which assess skin condition, skin barrier and levels of UV exposure, hydration and irritation. An add-on microbiome test ($199) can look at the diversity of microbes in the user’s skin. The formulas are microbiome-friendly, clean and free of sulphate, parabens, phthalates and mineral oil. They feature prebiotics and postbiotics to nourish skin and maintain pH balance.


In line with the Mintel Trend, ‘Make it Mine,’ the service offers personalised guidance to skincare users who may lack expertise. It is also timely as it provides expert advice without needing to visit a store. According to Mintel research on facial skincare and anti-aging, a quarter of US skincare users are confused about which products work best for them, and two-thirds are interested in using customisable skincare products.

(Launched in September 2020 in the US)

– Diana Alves Costa, GNPD Beauty Innovation Coverage Manager

Mixx Laboratory Cocktail Skincare Set

The semi-DIY, customisable skincare product that takes inspiration from cocktail shakers comprises a moisturising repair essence toner and three individually packaged concentrates: Ectoin, astaxanthin and vitamin C & niacinamide. The user can choose one or more according to their specific skincare needs. The toner has an ideal ratio of 97:3 of water to oil and contains only 10 essential ingredients such as squalane, panthenol and hyaluronic acid.

The patented cocktail-shaker-like bottle works together with encapsulated technology and Nano Cap to mix the toner and concentrate before use, so ingredients can be activated when needed to retain freshness.


In China, more than two in five consumers are interested in products that have custom formulas suited to their skin or hair type, according to Mintel Global Consumer (July 2020 – Beauty, Personal Care & Household).

(Launched in September 2020 in China)

– Laurie Du, Senior Beauty & Personal Care Analyst, China