The fear of smudging freshly painted nails is familiar to many women across the globe, but Nail Inc’s new nail polish may have developed a solution. The new Paint Can range comes in a spray can, is applied in as few as 20 seconds and has been created to reduce the time it takes to apply nail varnish. After a base coat, users spray the polish directly on the nail from ten to fifteen centimeters away, ensuring it coats the nail as evenly as possible. Users then wash their hands or feet to remove any excess polish.

The product is well placed to launch in a market where one third (33%) of UK consumers say that it’s a hassle to maintain well-kept nails, with 38% of US women who use nail products or services say the same, rising to 44% of 25-34 year olds. This doesn’t mean they don’t think it’s worth the effort as over one quarter (27%) of UK consumers say nail polish allows them to transform their look. Nail Inc’s Paint Can may well appeal to those who like the impact nail varnish can have on their appearance, but dislike the effort they have to go to in order to maintain it.

27% of UK consumers say nail polish allows them to transform their look

As explored in our 2016 European Consumer Trends, speed and efficiency are key selling points for today’s time-stretched consumers. A number of brands and businesses have noted this, putting time-centric messages at the forefront of product claims and ad campaigns. DermaSilk for example has launched a wrinkle eraser in the US that promises to work in one minute.

As consumers get used to understanding how long products or services will take to use, act or be delivered, we’re set to see companies across a range of sectors following this example. Ensuring that quality is not compromised by this focus on speed will be important in capturing the spending and loyalty of increasingly savvy shoppers.

Catherine Cottney, Trends Manager Europe at Mintel, works at the forefront of detecting trends, innovations and consumer behaviour from across the globe and manages a team of contributors in the Asia-Pacific region. She has provided analysis on topical issues and events from a Trends perspective for a number of media outlets and publications including BBC Radio 4ʼs Today programme, the Financial Times and Women & Home.