BB Creams, Anti-ageing, Whitening: Make sure to visit the Mintel Beauty & Personal Care team at in-cosmetics Asia in Bangkok (6-8 November 2012).

Product Demonstrations: Beauty Trends & Innovation Move Across The World

This year’s product showcase in the Innovation Zone presents the latest innovation in skincare, haircare and colour cosmetics from around the world. Twice a day Mintel’s beauty analysts will offer interactive product demonstrations that showcase the latest technology, active ingredients, positioning claims and packaging trends that travel the world.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see, touch and test the latest concepts from mass market and prestige beauty brands!

Presentation times: tbc

Anti-ageing, whitening, BB creams: Beauty Trends & Innovation Move Across The World (Marketing Trends Conference 1)

Asia will be the dominant marketplace by 2015, with beauty companies not only investing in developing Asian nations but also finding culture and inspiration to bring back to the West. At the same time, Asian players will take further control of their own markets, while moving in on Western markets and brands, too. Join Mintel’s Head of Beauty & Personal Care Insights Vivienne Rudd for a review of the hottest consumer trends, product innovations and market developments that travel the world.

Presentation time: Tuesday 6th November 14:00-14:30

Access Anything, Anywhere – Mobile Technology in the Beauty Industry (Marketing Trends Conference 2)

By 2015, people will rely on mobile devices in just about every area of their lives, forcing a global shift to accommodate on-the-go consumers. Consumers will have instant access to everything, not just everyone, via their phones. Mobile shopping – already starting to take off – will grow far more commonplace and sophisticated, and augmented reality will add another layer to the retail mix. Join Mintel’s Head of Beauty & Personal Care Insight Vivienne Rudd for a look at the implications of mobile technology for the beauty industry and how manufacturers and retailers can capitalise on the trend.

Presentation time: Wednesday 7th November 11:00 – 11:30

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