All Made Up

Tom Ford has announced that it will be launching its first men’s grooming line.

According to an article in Women’s Wear Daily, the collection is debuting this fall and includes a bronzer, concealer and other beauty products. It was announced at the close of the ‘London Collections: Men’ fashion shows.

Tom Ford for Men is a nine-piece male skincare and grooming line that includes a face cleanser, moisturiser, eye treatment, mud mask, concealer and bronzer.

Manly men looking good

Males around the world are changing the way they take care of themselves. We have seen how more men are taking more time grooming and preparing for special occasions so that they look their best.

We’re also seeing more men spending on beauty products – at times outspending their female counterparts – jewellery and other expenditures that used to be associated with women.

As far as personal care and beauty products go, men who use these items experience feelings of increased confidence and self-esteem. According to Mintel’s Men’s Grooming and Toiletries US October 2012 report, 58% of men say personal care products boost self-esteem and 79% say they feel more attractive when they’re well groomed.

Brands that are looking to capitalise on this growing trend will do well to create products as well as ad campaigns that appeal to this new male consumer who is focused on products that will help him present the best version of himself. Companies will also do well to develop partnerships with other companies that men have been traditionally interested in or use marketing messages that include humour while focusing on the confidence boost these items can bring.

This is an observation from our Inspire trend Men in the Mirror which looks at how men are reflecting on their image, responsibilities and how to express their masculinity. For more information about Inspire click here.