Etihad Airways has introduced a new scheme called Flying Nanny that will see a new member of staff added to the crew to help assist children and families.

300 of Etihad’s crew have been trained in sociology and child psychology in preparation for this new role. The Flying Nanny will wear an orange apron in order to set them apart from the rest of the crew and will be available to answer questions from parents and provide assistance throughout the flight.

Nanny in the sky

Consumers the world over are less than happy with the airport and flight experience as it stands. And this sense of frustration is often heightened by children on board—something that families are all too aware of.

Airlines are launching schemes in light of this. Indeed, we’ve seen some airlines ban babies completely while elsewhere we’ve seen airlines look for ways to better improve the air experience for both families and other travelers on board.

Etihad’s new scheme hopes to speak to this. This will set the airline apart from its competitors and make the journey more pleasant for everyone on board. And it’s got a reputation to maintain. Etihad has been given the ‘World’s Leading Airline’ award at the World Travel Awards three years in a row—in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Other brands and businesses would do well to create a more enjoyable atmosphere for all ages of customers using similarly creative, positive approaches.

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