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Host Andrew Davidson assembles a number of consumer lifestyle and marketing experts from across the globe for a discussion about Generation Z—consumers aged 12-25 in 2022. Due to their ages and related lifestyle changes, most Gen Z consumers are in a state of transition—whether entering university, starting their first job or buying their first home. Regardless, it’s a time of tremendous volatility across many markets and will be for at least the near future. Despite their limited spending power at the moment, now is the time for brands to understand, and engage with, this critical demographic in order to be successful in the future. But where to start as it’s easy to get lost in the myths, stereotypes and exaggerations surrounding Gen Z? Our experts separate fact from fiction, identify what brands need to pay attention to, act on and invest in and confirm what they can ignore. There’s a lot of noise about Gen Z; get the full picture and listen now!

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Andrew Davidson (host)
SVP/Chief Insights Officer, Mintel Comperemedia

Andy Colman
Associate Research Analyst, Mintel Comperemedia

Marisa Frys
Associate Research Analyst, Mintel Comperemedia

Ana Paula Gilsogamo
Senior Analyst, Mintel Reports Brazil

Diana Kelter
Associate Director, Mintel Trends

Jonny Forsyth
Director, Mintel Food & Drink