Emily Viberg
Emily Viberg is a Retail Analyst at Mintel. She researches and writes reports on seasonal shopping.

This year, consumers will celebrate Halloween with a difference as the government’s new Rule of Six and local restrictions may dampen Halloween spirits. The focus will likely be on in-home celebrations, which will have the potential to boost seasonal food and drink, and alcoholic drink sales.

Below are some of the seasonal Halloween treats that retailers are launching to ensure shoppers can have a frightfully good Halloween.

Rubies #raiseyourspirits campaign

Costume specialist Rubie’s launched a new campaign called ‘Raise Your Spirits’ that focuses on promoting a happy, safe, and fun Halloween at home this year. Working closely with retailer Bristol Novelty, both companies are actively encouraging consumers and retailers to share creative content about how to safely celebrate the day. The pair launched a dedicated website with editorial content with several ideas to celebrate this year. For example, customers can make their own Spooky Sanitiser, using creepy-crawlies from Bristol Novelty’s Halloween offering:

Rubies’ and Bristol Novelty’s Spooky Hand sanitiser

Source: Rubie’s

Disney’s Halloween face masks

Disney has released a collection of Halloween-themed face masks featuring Disney icons like Mini and Mickey Mouse. The limited edition collection comes in four sizes and will resonate well with parents and adults who want to trick-or treat safely

Disney face masks

Source: Disney

Aldi’s Pumpkin-shaped pizza to enjoy at me

As trick-or treating in groups and large Halloween parties are off the menu this year, many are predicted to be celebrating with a meal at home instead. We can expect home baking to become even more popular now, as it has already picked up during lockdown.  Aldi, for example, launched its pumpkin-shaped pizzas for this occasion, as a fun and convenient way to bring the festive spirits indoors.

Aldi’s pumpkin-shaped pizza

Source: Aldi

Tesco’s Halloween range starting from 50p

As celebrations move indoors, people will be looking to accessorise the home with Halloween-themed items. Tesco is pricing some of its Halloween items at just 50p in a bid to capture spend from shoppers who are still looking to celebrate the day on a budget. Following last year’s success, the Tesco F&F competition has also been reprised for 2020 and potential designers are asked to submit their Halloween costume designs to the retailer by November. The winner will receive a £500 Tesco Gift Card and their design will be created and sold in stores and online for Halloween 2021. 

Tesco’s Halloween home accessories

Source: Tesco Plc

What we think

The first round of seasonal events of lockdown offered a good indication of what we can expect for this year’s Halloween: spending was down with half of consumers discouraged to celebrate Easter because of COVID-19. This sentiment is likely to be repeated with Halloween as social distancing restrictions are likely to impact popular activities like trick-or-treating

This may be disappointing for the parents who were looking forward to the day as an occasion to engage the family in some long overdue fun. In addition, it also presents an issue for retailers who are looking to attract shoppers to spend for the event. Confectionery and sweets will still drive sales for the event, however, as we saw with Easter, retailers had large volumes of surplus chocolate products that were then subjected to significant discounts. It will be crucial for retailers to find a balance between encouraging consumers to buy into the event with Halloween-themed sweets, but mitigate waste or surplus stock with season-neutral options that won’t encourage waste.