Social Wipes: social app that helps user to clean up their Facebook feeds

February 3, 2014

Cleaning brand Ajax has launched a new app in Australia that will help users clean up their Facebook feeds.

Called Ajax Social Wipes, this enables users to ‘wipe away’ the brand pages they’ve liked over the years with one click. It can also be used on Twitter to detect and remove spam that users may have started following.

Spring cleaning

According to Facebook, over 9 million Australians log on to Facebook every day, making it the most popular social media site in the country.

However, it’s common for digital clutter to build up on a user’s page over time. Ajax is hoping to help address this issue by offering users an easy way to prune the content on their personal feeds. This is sure to help Ajax stand out from competitors in the household cleaning market. Indeed, according to Mintel’s GMN, the household cleaners market in Australia is projected to grow 2.5% in 2014.

And this is not the first time we’ve seen cleaning brands branch out to help consumers clean up other areas of their life.

As companies look for new markets to target, we’re sure to see a rise in the number of products and services that offer an additional benefit alongside their initial offering. Those that find a creative and innovative way to further integrate their brand name and message into the everyday lives of consumers are sure to see a boost in returns.

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Catherine Cottney
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