4 Innovative beauty products to watch for in March 2021

March 4, 2021
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Mintel’s team of global beauty experts track product launches that address new consumer needs. This month, they spotlight the most innovative products launched that relate to food.

Vue De Pulang Frozen Cream

Source: Vue De Pulang

Vue De Pulang Frozen Cream is a freezable gel face cream with changeable textures. It’s designed to solidify to a shaved ice-like texture when stored in the freezer for a few hours. The product transforms into a sorbet-like texture when stored at a low temperature for a few hours, or a soft gel cream after just an hour in the freezer for an added cooling sensation on skin upon application.

On Trend:

This product will appeal to nearly half of US consumers who have used solid skincare and would try again.

(Launched in February 2021 in the US)

– Sharon Kwek Si Ling, Associate Director, Southeast Asia, Beauty & Personal Care

Dove Kids Care Foaming Body Wash Berry Smoothie

Thanks to its gentle formula, fun fragrance and playful texture, Dove Kids Care Foaming Body Wash Berry Smoothie takes children on a journey of self-care. Made with fun scents (eg berry smoothie, cotton candy, coconut cookie), playful textures and colorful formulas, Dove Kids Care’s bubble bath, body wash and slime wash help children discover the fun side of caring for themselves. Each product comes with positive affirmations for children to say every day, fun illustrations and access to interactive Dove Self-Esteem Project resources.

On Trend:

Soap, bath and shower products that provide a self-care experience for children will appeal to parents seeking holistic ways to manage their children’s mental wellbeing. Almost two in five US parents would like more help managing their children’s mental wellbeing, while more than a third would like more help managing their children’s self-confidence.

(Launched February 2021 in the US)

– Olivia Guinaugh, Home & Personal Care Analyst

Karada Meguricha Moistia

Karada Meguricha Moistia is Japan’s first non-sugar tea with a Food with Function claim that is designed to retain moisture and prevent dry skin. Coca-Cola Japan Ltd. developed the tea in collaboration with Nihondo. The tea contains 120mg of hyaluronic acid, as well as nine oriental herbal ingredients to boost circulation.

On Trend:

The brand caters to the growing interest in inside-out beauty by adding skincare benefits to its healthy circulation-enhancing tea. In Japan, almost two-thirds of consumers believe a healthy diet can be more beneficial to skin and hair than the products they use. The product also taps into Mintel Trend, ‘Total Wellbeing’, which talks about how consumers are seeking solutions that complement their health in a convenient manner.

(Launched in January 2021 in Japan)

– Reiko Hasegawa, Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst

Beautyblender Bio Pure Makeup Sponge

Source: BeautyBlender

Beautyblender Bio Pure Makeup Sponge is made with 60% renewable and repurposed sugarcane base, it blends makeup easily, offering the same bounce and softness as the original. It’s also produced more sustainably, with a new canister made of post-consumer recycled resins, saving water and 1.50 million grams of virgin plastic, thus offsetting CO2 emissions.

On Trend:

Per Mintel Trend, ‘Rethink Plastic’, the sponge taps into growing concerns about sustainability and plastic waste. It also exemplifies Mintel Trend, ‘Sub-Zero Waste’, whereby consumers look for considerately packaged products and brands that innovate their supply chain from an ethical point of view by repurposing/recycling materials. In the US, over half of women aged 18-34 use makeup sponges/blenders and a third of BPC consumers look for eco-friendly claims, such as sustainable ingredients, when purchasing products.

(Launched in February 2021 in the US)

– Diana Alves Costa, GNPD Beauty Innovation Coverage Manager

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