5 beauty products that truly embody Mintel Trends

February 19, 2019
3 min read

In today’s fast-paced world, it seems that new trends are created every day. While a few will actually take off and have an impact, most will remain short-lived fads. Our expertise lets us to cut through the noise and find the real opportunities – allowing brands to only focus on the trends that are set for growth.

Using Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD), we highlight 5 products that truly embody some of the beauty trends we have identified in the last few years.

Sub-Zero Waste Trend

Beauty manufacturers, companies, and brands must shift to a whole new paradigm when approaching zero waste and sustainability, focussing on every aspect of the supply chain.

Innisfree x Anthracite Coffee Body Wash (South Korea): Innisfree has partnered with coffee roasters Anthracite for this upcycled skincare line made with discarded coffee grounds. As part of the range is the Coffee Body Wash, formulated with coffee oil extracted from coffee waste to produce a creamy, rich lather, while offering a sweet and bitter aroma. The collaboration also includes a body scrub, a jelly mask and a bath powder, which dissolves in the water producing the dark colour of an Americano.

Active Beauty Trend

As consumers get encouraged to exercise, beauty brands are formulating products to help them in their quest for health and fitness. Learn about how we predicted it first.

VProve Outdoor Fitting Gel Mask (South Korea) is a face mask designed to be worn out of the home, for instance when exercising outdoors, when the face is exposed to the harmful external environment. It hangs off the ears and is easily attachable and detachable. Formulated with Pollustop, it forms a barrier on the skin to protect from polluting agents – while providing great hydrating and soothing effects.

Total Wellbeing Trend

Consumers are increasingly health-conscious and taking a more holistic approach to their own wellbeing – seeking solutions to care for their body, mind and soul.

Seer Secrets Ruby Gemstone Bathing Bar (India) is designed to cleanse, moisturise, mineralise, rejuvenate and rebalance the body. The range of soap bars is formulated with micas, minerals and real gemstone powders with healing benefits for the body and mind. According to the manufacturer, ruby encourages passion and a zest for life, while promoting joy, spontaneity, laughter, courage and positive dreams.

Credit: Nykaa.com

Play Ethic Trend

Adult life is pretty exhausting, so brands are creating fun products that encourage adults to play and unwind.

Memebox Kaja Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush (US) is a sheer cushion blush coming with a heart-shaped applicator, designed to make blusher application easy, portable and fun. It can be stamped once for a natural-looking glow, or twice for a bold pop of color. Another playful product from the range is a highlighting balm to apply on the skin with a mini ‘paint roller’.

Credit: Memebox.com
Credit: Memebox.com

Transumers Trend

With consumers spending more time in transit, commutes and on-the-go lifestyles offer new marketing opportunities.

Secret Invisible Solid branded Freshies On-The-Go (US) is a small, ball-shaped solid antiperspirant designed for consumers on-the-go. It offers a less bulky alternative to traditional stick deodorants, making it handy to carry in a handbag, purse, desk drawer or store in a gym locker. Its portability makes it quick and easy to reapply throughout the day for an instant burst of freshness.

Rosalia Di Gesu
Rosalia Di Gesu

Rosalia Di Gesu is a Senior Innovation Analyst. She focuses on delivering cross-category insight and commentary on innovative new product launches and trends.

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