5 innovative beauty products to watch for in June 2021

June 22, 2021
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Mintel’s team of global beauty experts track product launches that address new consumer needs. This month, they spotlight the most innovative products that relate to solid formats.

Hims The Blur Stick

Hims has created a concealer stick for men aimed at covering bumps from razor burn, blemishes, skin imperfections and dark circles. This easy-to-use formulation is sweat-proof and was created and endorsed by former All-Star Major League Baseball player Alex Rodriguez who has worked with wellness brands, Hims & Hers.

Mintel 2020 beauty trend, ‘Future of Color Cosmetics’ predicted that men’s presence in the cosmetics market would evolve beyond gender-neutral offerings and products that highlight male insecurities. Offering simple and discrete solutions would best pique the interest of men around the world.

While Western markets have been slow to adopt the usage of male cosmetics, having a world-renowned baseball player at the forefront of the Brand increases visibility and signifies growth in the category.

(Launched in May 2021 in the US)

– Lauren Goodsitt, Senior Global Beauty & Personal Care Analyst

Hanni Shave Pillow

The Hanni Shave Pillow is a no-mess solid shaving cream that prepares the skin for shaving and needs no rinsing afterward. The eco-conscious alternative appeals to consumers who are short of time, traveling or prefer dry shaving. It contains adaptogenic mushrooms, cactus water and glycerin to ensure a smooth glide for shaving and leave skin hydrated.

In the US, three in 10 soap, bath and shower users are trying to use less water while bathing or showering, highlighting the opportunity for formulas that reduce users’ water footprint. Incorporating unique formats or ingredients typically found in facial skincare products is one way to convince consumers to look beyond the functional nature of depilatory categories.

(Launched in May 2021 in the US)

– Mouna Cham, Beauty Innovation Research Coordinator

Bleach Rosé Shampoo Bar

The shampoo bar category is seeing increasing launch activity as a zero waste, plastic-free option. This pink toned shampoo bar cleanses hair while adding a pale pink colour to help maintain dyed pink hair or add a touch of pink to natural hair. Suitable for bleached or light blonde hair, the intensity of colour can be adjusted according to how often the shampoo is used and comes on recycled packaging.

Less than one in 10 UK adults use colour enhancing shampoos, with more than a quarter of UK home hair colourant buyers willing to pay more for eco-friendly options. According to Mintel Trend, ‘Rethink Plastic,’ consumers are more aware of problems caused by plastic waste. In Germany, more than two in five German women use shampoo/conditioner bars and more than four in five soap, bath and shower product users have bought/are interested in buying products with less or zero plastic packaging.

(Launched in March 2021 in the UK)

– Freda Tse, Beauty Innovation Research Coordinator

Homaë 100% Natural Custom Solid Shampoo

This zero-waste, solid shampoo’s formula and scent can be personalised according to the user’s preferences and haircare goals. The formula can be customised with boosters according to the user’s haircare needs and scent preferences. Each booster provides a particular result or combination of the following: nourishment, anti-frizz, volume, detox and lightweight effect. The shampoo is made with 100% natural origin and ecologically sourced ingredients and wrapped in reusable cotton fabric to avoid plastic waste and comes in three variants: Cotton Flower; Fig Nectar; and Fragrance-free.

In France, a third of female haircare users are interested in personalised products based on their hair density and on desired end result such as volume, while more than one in five on scent preferences, and more than one in 10 on packaging preferences.

The product exemplifies Mintel 2018 BPC Trend, ‘My Beauty, My Rules,’ as it meets growing consumer demand for products that fit users’ own personal routines and needs.

(Launched in France, April 2021)

– Diana Alves Costa, GNPD Beauty Innovation Editor

So’Natural Peach Deo Pact

The deodorant powder features a refreshing peach fragrance and comes in a tinted shade for naturally brighter-looking armpits. Porous powder allows instant removal of sweat and odour from any sweaty areas of the body, leaving the skin fresh within three seconds of application. Comes in an on-the-go compact format with a puff made from flocking material that increases the adhesiveness of the powder grains to the skin. Made with natural extracts of peach, lemon, green tea and eucalyptus leaf.

This product taps into Mintel Global Packaging Trend, ‘Return to Value,’ which emphasises how convenience and packaging options can be convincing purchase drivers for budget-conscious consumers.

(Launched in May 2021 in South Korea)

– Hyun Young Baek, GNPD Beauty Innovation Research Coordinator

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