5 trending ingredients in personal care

July 23, 2019
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During my recent visit to Seoul, I had the opportunity to present at in-cosmetics Korea, a platform for some of the most exciting ingredients to launch in Korea. While at the show, I was given access to the latest raw materials and innovative ingredients available in the Korean market. In fact, I came across some very interesting ingredient launches from around the world, all of which have great potential in the beauty and personal care space.

Here we highlight five of the personal care ingredients we predict will gain popularity in the coming years:


Source: Geltor.com

HumaColl21™, developed by Geltor, is said to be ‘the first ever biodesigned vegan human collagen for skincare’. This 100% animal-free ingredient is said to boost collagen production in fibroblasts and increases native collagen upregulation of over 12 types of human collagen. It also claims to promote higher elastin and laminin upregulation than fish collagen. Containing 2% human collagen, HumaColl21™ has anti-ageing benefits. It will be interesting to see how this takes off, particularly as consumers are increasingly looking into solutions that help prolong the ageing process.





Developed by Lucas Meyer Cosmetics (business unit of IFF), SKINectura™ is a botanical extract of the Anigozanthos flavidus flower (organic Kangaroo Paw flower) from Australia. It claims to improve skin firmness, reduce sagging skin and neck roughness, with visible improvement within an hour and a building effect over time. It also features an interesting story, with the Kangaroo Paw flower blooming just once a year in Australia. This aligns with Mintel’s 2018 Global Beauty & Personal Care Trend ‘Playing Mother Nature’ which highlights how the concept of natural beauty ingredients must expand in an ever-changing world, encompassing local approaches as well as developments in biotechnology.

NeoPlanta® Withania

NeoPlanta® Withania, by Evonik Advanced Botanicals, is a biotechnologically-optimised extract of the traditional Ayurvedic herb Withania Somnifera (also known as Ashwagandha). This extract is said to address consumers’ desires for natural, safe and effective ingredients as well as innovative high-tech solutions. Positioned as a fusion of ancient wisdom with advanced technology, NeoPlanta® Withania claims to protect against stress that’s induced by modern lifestyles and environmental pollution. It also claims to be a natural beauty booster for skin’s vitality, and is vegan, gluten free and preservative free.





Developed by Givaudan and positioned as a ‘sensitive skin good mood influencer’, Sensityl™ is an active cosmetic ingredient originating from microalgae which claims to positively influence moods owing to its powerful soothing benefits—all within one month. Mintel has been talking about the need for more holistic approaches in beauty; the need for ingredients that are functional, as well as address the emotional wellbeing of consumers—which is what Sensityl™ has set out to achieve.

Yuja (also known as Yuzu)

Yuja looks primed to be an up-and-coming beauty ingredient. In recent years, fruits have been making waves in the global beauty and personal care industry, with watermelon, coconut and lime coming to mind. The citrus-based fragrance of yuja is pleasant and not heavy on the nose, adding on to its appeal as an ingredient in beauty and personal care. This also aligns with Mintel’s 2025 Global Beauty & Personal Care Trend ‘Gastronomia’, which explores the relationship between beauty consumers and food-related ingredients and formats.

Sharon Kwek
Sharon Kwek

Sharon is a Director of Consulting, Beauty and Personal Care, South APAC, at Mintel. With over 12 years of experience in the FMCG industry, she helps beauty manufacturers, retailers and brands make strategic business decisions across Southeast Asia.

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