9 beauty products providing solutions across generations

October 25, 2017
6 min read

In the Innovation Zone at this year’s in-cosmetics Asia, Mintel will showcase a selection of new beauty launches which have been developed to cater to the different generations of consumers, namely the Alpha Generation, Millennials/iGens and Senior beauty demographics.

Here, we share a sneak peek of some of the most innovative products that will be on display at the show in Bangkok to see, touch and test in the Innovation Zone.


Alpha Generation 1: Jerry’s Baby Non-Nano Sun Cushion SPF 30 PA+++, South Korea

Jerry’s Baby is a skincare brand that provides safe products for vulnerable, sensitive baby skin with atopic dermatitis. The product is described as a safe, organic sun cushion for babies that forms a UV protection barrier on the skin immediately after application. Suncare products that come in the cushion format are gaining popularity for the convenience factor.


Alpha Generation 2: C’est Moi Eye Makeup Remover, Singapore

This is a skin-friendly product designed for children aged 4-12 who wear makeup regularly or for long hours during occasions like recitals or performances. It claims to be enriched with aloe vera gel, cornflower floral water, and fresh fruit cells, where natural components of the plant cells remain intact until they are applied on the skin.

Zero To Seven Goong Secret Sticker Soothing Pack, South Korea

Alpha Generation 3: Zero To Seven Goong Secret Sticker Soothing Pack, South Korea

Facial masks that cater to babies are niche but the sector is showing growth potential, with many quirky innovations recently launching into the market. Zero To Seven Goong Secret’s Sticker Soothing Pack is an animal-shaped soothing pack for babies with moisturising ingredients. Said to contain ‘Ojitang’, the product is made with peach tree, willow tree, mulberry tree, Sophora japonica and plum blossom.


Millennial and iGeneration 1: Huda Beauty Lip Strobe, UAE

Launched by a world-famous digital influencer, Huda Beauty is a brand that resonates with the tech-savvy Millennial consumer of today. The brand’s Lip Strobe range is designed to deliver a volumising gleam, sculpting shimmer, comfortable wear and a prismatic spectrum of sheer to full coverage colour. The range of lip products is said to be formulated with a pearl complex and some of the shades feature iridescent finishes, while others are packed with rich pigments or have subtle, glimmering glitters.

Pout Phone Makeup Case, UK

Millennial and iGeneration 2: Pout Phone Makeup Case, UK

This product is an innovative phone case that comes with a makeup palette featuring three compartments. It is said to be made from drop and scratch resistant materials for maximum protection. This phone case and makeup palette hybrid aligns with Mintel Trend ‘Transumers’ that discusses how consumers are spending more time in transit.

Shiseido Playlist Instant Lip Veil Glossy, Japan

Millennial and iGeneration 3: Shiseido Playlist Instant Lip Veil Glossy, Japan

This product is described as a translucent lip gloss that produces a clear pink colour instantly upon application. The dermatological- and allergy-tested formula claims to glide effortlessly over the lips and achieve a dewy lustrous finish. Shiseido’s Playlist range is created to cater to women in their late twenties and thirties and also provides an online personal advice service for its consumers.


Seniors 1: Lúcido Body & Scalp Deo Paper, Japan

Designed for older men, this product claims to remove sweat, excess sebum and germs causing body odour. It features Triple Fibre Sheet enriched with Flavonomix, green tea extract for moisturisation and hybrid absorbing powder to prevent greasiness for long hours.


Seniors 2: L’Oréal Age Specialist Restorative Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream, Israel

This product is specially designed for mature skin and claims to deeply moisturise and improve skin elasticity using a complex of oils. It also claims to reshape contours, reduce pigmentation spots and nourish the skin. This is a dermatologically-tested product that is suitable for users aged 55 and above. The cream features the term ‘Age Specialist’ on-pack and provides clear age labelling to reach out to the silver generation.

Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Hairtherapy Excellium Plumping Q10+ Collagen Plumping Souffle, France

Seniors 3: Schwarzkopf Professional BC Bonacure Hairtherapy Excellium Plumping Q10+ Collagen Plumping Souffle, France

Haircare is a rather niche sector within anti-ageing beauty. This product by Schwarzkopf is designed for fine and coloured mature hair. It claims to use an exclusive age-defying formula, featuring active ingredients like Q10+ and collagen to provide the hair with additional volume while replenishing and strengthening lifeless locks. The product is said to ensure colour preservation and improve elasticity to support the shaping of hairstyles. It claims to reduce visible signs of ageing and add density to fine or thinning hair, leaving it full of strength and vitality.

Join Mintel at in-cosmetics.


Stages of beauty: Alpha Generation, Millennials/iGeneration, and Senior beauty

Dates and times of demonstrations:
Tuesday 31st October 11:00 –11:30 & 14:00 – 14:30 Innovation Zone
Wednesday 1st November 11:00 –11:30 & 14:00 – 14:30 Innovation Zone
Thursday 2nd November 11:00 –11:30 & 14:00 – 14:30 Innovation Zone


The rise of indie brands and the impact on Asia
Tuesday, 31st October 11:00 – 11:45
Sharon Kwek, Senior Innovation & Insights Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care, Southeast Asia Region, Mintel

Indie brands are emerging across the world, inspiring homegrown brands within Asia to pave their way into the global beauty scene. In this presentation, Sharon will take a look into the indie brands making an impact on Asia’s beauty space, with key takeaways on what can learned from their success and insights into the impact the movement will have on Asia’s beauty scene.

Spotlight on facial masks
Wednesday, 1st November 13:00 – 13:45
Sharon Kwek, Senior Innovation & Insights Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care, Southeast Asia Region, Mintel

The multitude of facial masks in the market today is vast and the product’s development shows no signs of slowing down. Join Mintel as we deep dive into the facial mask landscape to identify the trends and opportunities in Asia.

Sharon is Senior Innovation and Insights Analyst, Beauty and Personal Care at Mintel. Sharon is based in Singapore making her well placed to provide insights and analysis of the beauty and personal care categories to Mintel’s key beauty clients around the region. She has 9 years’ experience in the FMCG industry helping clients to develop their beauty businesses across Asia Pacific. She has accumulated an in-depth understanding of the beauty industry in key Asian markets.

Sharon Kwek
Sharon Kwek

Sharon is a Director of Consulting, Beauty and Personal Care, South APAC, at Mintel. With over 12 years of experience in the FMCG industry, she helps beauty manufacturers, retailers and brands make strategic business decisions across Southeast Asia.

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