Beauty from the inside out: Nissin Foods enters the beauty ingestibles market

April 23, 2019
3 min read

Japanese food company Nissin Foods has recently made its entrance into the nutricosmetics sector with the launch of its very first beauty drink that is targeted to female consumers. The drink is said to contain moisturising benefits and aids in reducing skin damage from UV rays; it also helps reduce melanin production.

Source: Nissin

The launch of HYAL Moist Beauty Essence comes at a time when consumers are starting to embrace the trend of beauty ingestibles. While still in a nascent stage worldwide, Mintel research reveals that over a tenth of Japanese consumers are influenced to buy food and drink products that claim to improve the appearance of skin.

HYAL Moist Beauty Essence is a fermented liquid infused with collagen and a special formulation developed in Nissin’s own laboratory which converts lactic acid bacteria into hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is typically used in skincare products to hydrate the skin and add vibrancy to one’s complexion. The drink is flavoured with sweet and sour peaches, eschewing artificial sweeteners.

This product strategy taken by Nissin Foods aligns with Mintel Trend ‘Extend My Brand’ which discusses how brands are expanding into new categories and demographics to find new business as well as intrigue consumers.

Scientists and nutritionists have long been in agreement that the gut is the engine of overall human wellness. Seeking to engage consumers in saturated beauty markets like Japan, companies, brands and manufacturers are developing new ingestibles that are designed to forge a stronger connection between inner-body health and external radiance and vivacity.

This is highlighted in Mintel Trend ‘Total Wellbeing’ which discusses how consumers are treating their bodies like an ecosystem and seeking solutions that complement their personal health and evolving needs.


For instance, Bobbi Brown has launched a line of beauty ingestibles, Evolution_18 Beauty Boosters, which feature popular claims and ingredients that have gained significant attention in the beauty space, ranging from collagen to probiotics. Retailing at Walmart for US$20 or less, the products are tailored to different areas of the body like hair and skin, for instance. This partnership demonstrates a new mainstream focus for the beauty ingestibles space.


Over in Italy, free-from food and drink manufacturer Foodness has introduced the Mermaid Latte, a bright pink drink which gets it vibrant colour from extracts of seaweed, dragon fruit, sea berry and schisandra. These ingredients contain antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals said to help boost concentration and resistance to stress.

The quest for eternal youth, or at least making concerted efforts to smooth irregular pigmentation and decelerate the visible signs of ageing, is being embraced by consumers across all demographics, and this trend shows no sign of losing momentum.

Collagen is known to help protect the complexion from the damaging effects of the climate, age and pollution. Along with specially researched complementary formulations, collagen is likely to be included in more food and beverage products.

This will forge a closer connection between gut health and natural radiance, and offer consumers a highly prized shortcut to beautification without having to apply topical creams or undertake costly cosmetic procedures.

Joyce Lam
Joyce Lam

Joyce is a Senior Trends Analyst at Mintel, focusing on capturing consumer behaviour for the Asia Pacific market, as well as supporting the global Mintel Trends team to identify new consumer trends.

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