Health and wellness brings scent opportunities in India

June 7, 2017
3 min read

India’s fitness market is steadily growing as adults are now more keen than ever on getting into shape. According to Mintel research, close to seven in 10 Indian adults describe their lifestyle as very healthy, while over one in three men aged between 18 to 34 get regular exercise to stay healthy.

With increasing activity levels comes concerns over body odour. The growing attention given to fitness in India has resulted in faster growth, in terms of retail value sales, for anti-perspirants and deodorants compared to body sprays. Research from Mintel also shows long-lasting fragrance is the most important factor among 60% of soap, bath and shower product users in India – highlighting the importance of smelling pleasant.

As such, fragrance and deodorant brands can further explore fitness claims such as sweat protection and scents to boost activity. Brands could also start marketing launches as perfumed deodorants, blurring the boundaries between the two key odour-control categories – fragrance and deodorant.

The Fogg Scent line in India is marketed as perfumed deodorant and is said to have a strong, lasting fragrance. Designed to protect from body odour, products in the line feature skincare claims

CavinKare’s Spinz line of Eau de Parfums features fragrances said to have added deodorant action to keep body odour away

Looking to the future, brands can explore innovating targeted deodorant and fragrance products suited specifically for certain exercise types. For instance, following the declaration in 2014 that 21st June was to be International Yoga day, a nationwide interest in yoga was reignited. Since the announcement, millions took part in collective efforts to practice the country’s traditional discipline. Indian adults discuss health and fitness online, resulting in exercises such as yoga becoming trendy and gaining loyal followers.

As discussed in Mintel’s 2017 Global Beauty and Personal Care Trend ‘Active Beauty’, health and wellness has become an integral part of daily life from a physical and an emotional standpoint. There is potential for beauty and personal care companies and brands to align themselves with this interest by innovating beauty and personal care products designed to meet the unique needs of active consumers.

To read more on Mintel’s 2017 Global Beauty & Personal Care Trend ‘Active Beauty’, the full copy of the whitepaper is available for free download here

Charlotte joined Mintel in 2013 as a UK Beauty Analyst and now focuses on the Global Colour Cosmetics and Fragrance markets. Prior to joining Mintel, Charlotte worked at a Beauty PR agency before moving to publisher Bauer Media to work on their women’s magazine portfolio. Charlotte is experienced in analysing consumer behaviours and identifying trends, and has a BA (Hons) in Public Relations & Communications.

Charlotte Libby
Charlotte Libby

Charlotte is a Global Colour Cosmetics and Fragrance Analyst. Her expertise lie in consumer behaviour, trends and product innovation.

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