Japanese women’s haircare needs ‘ageing well’ messaging

November 1, 2021
2 min read

There is potential for Japan to grow in the anti-ageing haircare market. Mintel GNPD (Global New Products Database) shows that Japan now is in the top 6 markets for anti-ageing haircare new product launches (5%) in global, however, there is a huge space to develop in this category compare with the top 1 Brazil (25%).

In fact, Ageing is of particular interest among consumers of all ages, especially because Japan is known for its fast-ageing population and high life expectancy. According to Mintel’s Global Consumer Data, 41% of Japanese consumers take a preventative approach to beauty/skincare.

Also, Mintel data shows that in Japan,80.2% of Japanese women find it hard to talk about hair loss/thinning issues. So brands can offer more options to treat female-specific concerns related to ageing and provide something more accessible and preventative to reach a younger audience.

Here below are some product examples that are picked up from Mintel GNPD (Global New Products Database), which to do the specific communications with target consumers:


Hair thinning

Waphyto Scalp Lotion addresses dry, thinning and greying hair, moisturises scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. It contains various botanical ingredients, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, natto gum, hinokitiol, and hydrolysed yeast extract.

Hair loss and dandruff

Michiru Pro Hair + Scalp Hair Growth Tonic for All Scalp Types promotes hair growth, nourishes and prevents hair loss, thinning, itching and dandruff. The quasi-drug leave-in formula penetrates deep into scalp and stimulates circulation.


Make hair diagnosis and consultation approachable

Companies like Japanese wigmaker Aderans cater to those with hair loss/thinning worries by offering consultation and diagnosis; however, cost and approachability remain barriers to this.

Kose introduced two new services at its concept store in Ginza, which is a face mask factory and digital hair diagnostics system. The hair diagnostic system uses image-processing technology to objectively evaluate visitors’ hair type, condition, volume or damage level.

Tap into the potential of oil-infused haircare

Oil-infused haircare products are gaining popularity in Japan. Tap into the unlimited potential of oil-based haircare, which could be used for scalp oil, pre-shampoo, cleansing and leave-in/rinse-off treatments. It could also help protect from heat, humidity and UV rays.


Reiko Hasegawa
Reiko Hasegawa

Senior Analyst for Beauty and Personal Care platform primarily for Japan content.

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