Exploring the Latest Hair Colour Trends in India

Exploring the Latest Hair Colour Trends in India

April 29, 2024
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At-home hair colouring remains one of the most persistent hair colour trends in India. It is the preferred choice for the majority of Indian consumers, with over half opting to colour their hair to cover greys. Consumer preferences are pivoting towards convenience, speed, and simplicity, presenting a notable opportunity for brands in the hair colour market in India to explore innovative formats.

However, brands in the Indian hair colour market also face the challenge of winning back former users (those who claim to have not coloured their hair in the last 12 months), who have shied away due to concerns about scalp/skin irritation, dry hair, and damage associated with hair colouring.

Motivations and the Lastest Hair Colour Trends in India

Convenience and longevity emerge as top preferences for at-home grey coverage.  The primary motivation behind hair colouring is to cover grey hair, particularly among Indian Gen X consumers. As this demographic continue to age, the natural transition to grey hair becomes more apparent. Seeking to maintain a youthful appearance, nearly two-thirds of Gen Xers prioritise easy-to-use when choosing an at-home hair colouring product. 

Brands can highlight the category’s convenient and time-saving features to resonate with consumers’ evolving lifestyles. For example, the Indica Easy Shampoo Hair Colour comes with two pairs of reusable gloves in a multi-use pump pack, offering consumers a convenient and mess-free application experience.

This preference for convenience extends to minimising the need for frequent touch-ups to conceal greys. Thus, long-lasting colour also ranks among the top three factors considered by Gen X at-home hair colour users. According to Mintel GNPD, 71% of hair colour launches in India feature long-lasting claims between October 2022 and September 2023. 

Innovating with products that match the natural hair colour can also reduce the need for frequent touch-ups, thereby reducing the time and effort required for hair colour maintenance. Godrej Expert Rich Crème, for instance, has a range of shades to accommodate the spectrum of natural Indian hair colours so consumers can find a shade that closely matches their specific shade.

Protective claims and natural safe ingredients to reengage former hair colour users. Over half of former hair colour users agree that there is a lack of haircare products to look after coloured hair. Additionally, about four in ten of this cohort agree that hair colouring makes the hair very dry. To entice these users back, brands in the hair colour market can focus on protective claims such as moisturising, and anti-hair loss properties, highlighting the use of natural, safe and clean ingredients

While botanical/herbal is a leading claim in India’s hair colourant launches, brands can innovate with other ‘cleaner’ claims such as paraben-free and vegan which are still niche in India and can help position hair colourants as safer to use. Expanding product lines to include a comprehensive range of hair repair solutions can also attract these customers. For example, support hair health through pre-colour treatments that help prepare, condition and protect the hair, making it more receptive to colour while reducing potential damage.

Alternatively, post-colour products such as deep conditioning masks, leave-in treatments, and serums specifically formulated to repair and nourish the hair after exposure to strong pigments and bleach can reengage these consumers.

Looking Ahead with Mintel

In India, there’s a growing interest among consumers in fashionable hair colours. Brands can capitalise on this trend by introducing experimental formats that make at-home colouring a more dynamic and exciting experience.

Furthermore, brands can transition towards holistic solutions, offering consumers a complete regimen that maintains the longevity of their hair colour and ensures overall hair health.

Aligned with the increasing preference for natural ingredients in beauty and personal care products, the demand for natural ingredients in at-home hair colourants ranks among the top three factors influencing consumer purchase decisions. Mintel research suggests that incorporating natural ingredients into user-friendly formulations can extend a brand’s reach by 18%, potentially engaging 78% of hair colour users.

Align with the latest trends in consumer behaviour and explore our extensive Haircare Market Research today.

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