Long-lasting makeup sets in South Korea

August 23, 2019
3 min read

The time is ripe for beauty and personal care companies, brands and manufacturers to launch long-lasting makeup solutions in South Korea’s booming beauty industry. ‘Long-lasting’ is among the most frequently used claim in South Korea to assess the efficacy of beauty products on popular apps such as Hwahae, South Korea’s most popular cosmetics evaluation app.

Furthermore, Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) reveals that between 2015-18, colour cosmetics products featuring ‘long-lasting’ claims launched in South Korea outpaced that of the global average—and this gap is increasing. Mintel expects this trend to continue growing at a fast pace in the years ahead, and brands that focus on the long-lasting benefits of colour cosmetics launches will come out ahead in South Korea.

We are starting to see product launches that take the ‘long-lasting’ claim in various directions. This trend may be attributed to the recent high temperatures that South Korea has been experiencing, the increased popularity of outdoor activities, and busier lifestyles which result in less time spent on reapplying makeup throughout the day.

38-hour coverage

Hong Shot’s Power Lasting Foundation SPF30 PA++ is a liquid foundation that provides 38-hour, even coverage with anti-wrinkle, whitening and UV protection benefits.

Stays from 9am until 9pm

Lilybyred am 9 to pm 9 Survivial’s Colorcara is said to quickly fix without clumping and last from morning to night. It is designed to immediately form a strong film to minimise smudging and resist water or oil.

The emergence of makeup fixers

In South Korea, makeup setting products are often called ‘makeup fixers’, and cosmetics evaluation apps like Hwahae and Glowpick list fixers as a dedicated sub-category.

According to Mintel GNPD, makeup launches in South Korea with a ‘fix’ or ‘fixer’ claim saw an increase between 2016-18, making it the leading global market for this sub-category. The fixer concept is important for colour cosmetics brands as it correlates with the growing demand for makeup with long-lasting benefits.

While fixer products are mainly designed to set face makeup, there are also fixers that specifically target eye and lip makeup. Combining a fixer with a different colour cosmetic product is the ideal shortcut to meeting the needs of consumers today.

That said, South Korea’s fixers are more than just a makeup setter. The benefits found in fixers include priming, colour enhancement, as well as makeup setting; so it is essential that brands pay attention to the vast variety of fixers on the market. New and creative execution will win over fans and new customers in this space.

So Natural’s Real Matt Makeup Setting FIXX helps to enhance makeup setting with a smoother finish. It can be used: before makeup application as a primer; during makeup application for more pronounced colour; after makeup to give a setting effect.

Dreskin’s Shadow & Fixer is a 2-in-1 eye makeup product that comprises pearlised liquid eyeshadow and a fixer that needs to be applied before the shadow to give longer-lasting benefits. This is a great example of how the fixer concept can be incorporated into eye makeup.

Skintalk’s Real Lip Fixer is a lip shield that keeps the colour in place for a long time, while proofing it against smudges or stains.

Hwa Jun Lee
Hwa Jun Lee

Hwa Jun is a Principal Analyst for Beauty and Personal Care at Mintel, based in Seoul. With 15 years of experience as a formulation scientist, he specializes in beauty and personal care formulation and product development. His extensive experience includes roles as a formulation scientist at both Amorepacific and Kimberly-Clark.

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