New approaches to Black haircare

December 6, 2018
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As the natural hair trend continues to spread around the world, Black consumers are adopting styles and maintenance habits in order to achieve hair health and a desired look. Considering the specifics associated with the different textures of African hair, it is important that brands develop products that target each hair type and meet consumer expectations of seeing their various hair needs addressed through product innovation.

Product innovation, expanded retail distribution, and brand messaging recognize that the future of the Black haircare market is dependent on chemical-free consumers. However, while natural hair is the norm, Black consumers have different attitudes, beauty standards, and motivations behind their style and product choices, including chemically treated hair.

Haircare products targeting specific needs

According to Mintel research, Black consumers in African countries often purchase products that target the following needs: chemical treated hair, anti-frizz, and products that can potentially reduce certain environmental effects. Here, we take a look at 10 innovative products that are aimed at benefiting different types of hair.

For weak, fragile and breakage-prone hair

Palmer’s Cleansing Oil Shampoo is silicon-free and has extra virgin coconut oil to strengthen hair; sweet almond to repair and prevent damage; avocado oil to fortify growth; and Tahitian monoi, macadamia and jojoba oils (South Africa).

For chemically treated hair

Apple Herbal Hair & Scalp Treatment Cream is enriched with aloe vera oil and jojoba oil and is said to effectively treat split ends and prevent hair breakage (Nigeria).

Protects from the influences of the environment

Printemps Natural Herbal Conditioner is said to provide a balanced structure to the hair by making it smooth, soft and easy to comb, while neutralizing the chemical residues from treated and colored hair (Morocco).

Hair and scalp treatment

Medi Care Hair Booster Anti-Dandruff Lotion is described as a super hair growing and shining lotion that gives a fresh, wet look all day long. It can be used by all hair types as well as weaves, wigs and attachments (Nigeria).

For men and women

Raph Spoting Black Magic Hair Conditioner features an alcohol-free formula with a unique moisturizing complex and special conditioner. It is claimed to protect hair and repair damage caused by sun, wind and heat styling (Nigeria).

‘Epic texture’

Sorbet Man Hair Fibre features a resin-like formula designed to rock any hair type, body or style. This high hold, low shine finish product is described as a “great go-to for the dude in the mood for epic texture” (South Africa).

Formulated for synthetic and natural hair

Zenon So-Fine Weave-On Oil has a rich blend of natural and essential oils fortified with vitamins to protect and maintain the health of weave-ons, braids and twists. It provides a superb sheen while lubricating the hair and scalp (Nigeria).

For a stronger, longer, healthier looking hair

Profectiv Mega Growth Regular Strength Anti-Damage No-Lye Relaxer is described as an advanced strengthening product with an ultra protective blend of natural oils and conditioning proteins (Nigeria).

A ‘unique’ formulation of natural extracts

Vatika Cactus Enriched Hair Oil has cactus to help prevent hair loss, gargir to nourish hair from root to tip and garlic to help control hair fall. It is suitable for weakened hair exposed to harsh elements and hair treatments (Morocco).

Local, organic and sustainable natural ingredients

SheaMoisture Intensive Hydration Treatment Masque is formulated with certified organic shea butter, mafura and baobab oils. It is ethically traded and sustainably produced, and is free from animal testing (South Africa).

Toya Mitchell
Toya Mitchell

Toya Mitchell is a Multicultural Analyst at Mintel and develops Reports on Black consumers.

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