Shake up the shaving category

June 26, 2018
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As trends and consumer attitudes change, the personal care category needs to evolve to remain relevant and the shaving sector is no exception. Classic grooming tools, gender-neutral products and environmentally-conscious materials are just a few trends gaining momentum that can transform and revitalize the shaving category.

Upcycling ocean plastic

Eco-warriors and brands alike are drawing attention to the vast amount of post-consumer plastic that ends up in the oceans, as well as the detrimental effect on wildlife and ecosystems. Rising concerns over how products that are made predominantly of plastic (eg razors) are disposed of has created a shift in product development. Many companies are now looking for alternatives and even ways to upcycle ocean plastic.

Adidas partnered with Parley to create limited-edition sneakers using ocean plastic gathered from beaches and coasts before it reaches the ocean.

New sustainable uses for invasive plant species

Seed Phytonutrients creates green, sustainable packaging to match its product formulations and the lifestyle of the consumer. Its partner, Ecologic created a water-resistant paper bottle with a recyclable liner that holds up in the shower.

Paper can come from a variety of non-traditional sources. Michigan-based artist, Katie Grzesiak, harvests invasive plants that are usually destined for compost heaps and uses them to create handmade paper. Plants such as garlic mustard spread quickly and are difficult to control, but could provide a new source for compostable, sustainable packaging materials for personal care products.

Bringing back a classic

Nostalgia is more than just a trend and it is seen across art, fashion and design categories. Olde-world-style barbershops are popping up in every major city across the globe, reinvigorating old grooming techniques for a new audience.

One popular barber service is the classic hot towel, straight razor shave. The Morrama Angle Razor serves to re-imagine the classic art of shaving with a safe and easy-to-use straight razor design. It also offers a more sustainable option with replaceable razor blades.

At-home grooming becomes second-nature

The market has been flooded with grooming products that cater to the latest trends in facial hair. Men are becoming more comfortable with routine grooming at home rather than visiting a professional to meet their needs.

The Groomarang is a brush, comb and shaper in one that allows the user to trim their beard, neck hair and even around a goatee with confidence and precision.

By creating easy-to-use, at-home tools, control over professional style grooming is back in the hands of the consumer.

Brands go genderless

UK retailer, John Lewis announced it was removing boy’s and girl’s labels from children’s clothing to reduce gender stereotypes. Online retailer ASOS launched its Face + Body platform with products for all genders.

Australian botanical haircare brand Mr. Smith focuses on style, substance and simplicity and less on gender. With sleek, genderless packaging and universal products and formulations, the concept of fluidity is a focus.

Mintel 2018 Global Beauty and Personal Care Trend, ‘My Beauty, My Rules’ looks at younger consumers’ desire not to be placed into boxes, so brands must consider ideas like flexibility and inclusion in order to stay relevant.

The Pink Tax debate

Women’s shaving products have long been viewed as simply more colorful versions of basic men’s products yet they carry a higher price tag. Today’s consumer no longer falls into the trap of buying a product just because it’s cute. Effectiveness and value for money have become critical to buying choices.

Startup My Billie is apologizing on behalf of all razor companies for making women overpay for pink razors for so long. The first mail-order razor subscription company for women, My Billie offers a Pink Tax Rebate when users sign up and refer their friends.

Product modernization

Bi-directional blades
Schick Intuition f.a.b. Razor safely shaves back and forth, allowing for shaving without lifting the razor from the skin.

Facial hair removal for women
Venus Face Perfection is designed to remove hair from sensitive areas of the face including chin, upper lip and between the eyebrows.

Does-it-all razor
Philips OneBlade trims, edges and shaves any length of hair from the face with one replaceable blade.


Sarah Jindal
Sarah Jindal

Sarah Jindal is Senior Innovation and Insights Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care at Mintel. She lends her expertise to beauty clients in developing ingredient technologies.

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