Skincare regimens that go with the flow

March 7, 2018
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With many consumers finding the choice in skincare products and brands overwhelming, building a regimen based on individual needs and desires is not just fun, but also functional. By utilizing technology like apps and online reviews, as well as in-person experts, making the right product choices becomes easier for consumers.

The idea of a customizable, personalized regimen appeals to facial skincare consumers that recognize the changes in their skin throughout the course of the month. According to Mintel research on the US beauty market, four in five beauty enthusiasts agree that following a beauty regimen is enjoyable. As education and awareness increases, consumers are realizing more than ever before the importance of hormone cycles when it comes to skin appearance and skincare.

Capitalizing on data from period tracking apps

There are a variety of smartphone apps on the market that help users keep track of their cycles. The app Clue has included a layer of data tracking by adding symptoms like fatigue, breakouts and even sleep cycles. Mintel’s 2018 Global Beauty and Personal Care Trend ‘Private Eye’ looks at how brands can use personal data to create skincare products that sync with issues experienced during the monthly cycle. Acne is an obvious one, but bath products that help with fatigue could be another.
44% of US women who currently menstruate are interested in subscription services for sanitary protection products.

The dawn of subscription femcare

Subscription-based skincare companies are popping up to cater to those consumers that just don’t have the time to spend browsing aisles and reading reviews online. As highlighted in Mintel’s 2018 Global Beauty and Personal Care Trend ‘My Beauty, My Rules,’ the opportunity for individualization in skincare is growing. Toun28, a startup from South Korea, provides freshly-formulated, customized skincare products designed for particular areas of the face based on an individual skin diagnosis. Delivered on a 28-day cycle, the brand is already primed to cater to the hormonal cycle, which tends to be around 28 days.

From Le Parcel to Lola, subscription box services for femcare are also on the rise. They offer not only convenience and discretion, but also the opportunity to customize based on individual needs. Some of the services like The PMS Package even include snacks, bath and beauty products. With more than two in five US women (who currently menstruate) interested in subscription services for sanitary protection products, there is a huge opportunity for brands to partner with these services to drive the message of hormonally-linked skincare issues, and match them up with solutions that can expand beyond just one week out of the month.

Source: Instagram @thepmspackage

Match the message to skin issues

Amareta skincare was founded on the belief that hormones are the biggest factor in determining how healthy the skin is, and that the hormonal cycle should be embraced. By customizing the beauty routine to each phase of the hormonal cycle, the brand promises to target specific skin issues with safe ingredients.

Formulations target acneic skin, dull skin and even pregnant skin using familiar and effective ingredients paired with information about what is actually happening with the hormones and how it manifests on the face. Interestingly, the information sits within the marketing without any specific labeling on the product itself. Brands should embrace the openness with which today’s consumer approaches their monthly cycle and be more targeted.

Sarah Jindal
Sarah Jindal

Sarah Jindal is Senior Innovation and Insights Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care at Mintel. She lends her expertise to beauty clients in developing ingredient technologies.

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