Taking inspiration from Brazilian haircare brands

August 5, 2019
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Whether it’s new product development or trend inspiration, Brazil continues to be the go-to haircare market given its size, diversity and consumer engagement levels. Brazilian consumers take great pride in their hair and the market should be looked at for inspiration, appeal and expertise. Brands across the country are listening to what consumers need and are creating specialized products for them.

Here, we discuss four ways Brazilian beauty brands are rising above to appeal to consumers, serving as models for haircare companies worldwide.

Exploring diverse demands

Brazil’s population is one of the most ethnically diverse, providing brands with insight into the varying haircare demands and needs – everything from texture and color demands to the need for more natural and ethical products. With so much diversity, it can be difficult to know which product is best for each hair type. In Brazil, all haircare products are clearly labeled for what type of hair the product services. For example, Brazilian brand Yamá Cosméticos launched its Bleaching Powder for Curly Hair (the first of its kind in Brazil), which lightens hair but also factors in care for curls. The product uses multi-functional and natural actives that maintain the structure of the curls during and after the process, which is something that is normally a problem when bleaching hair.

Helping consumers go natural

Brazilian brands also highlight the need for tailored messaging for women with wavy hair, as many are influenced by straight hair culture and need incentives to adopt their natural style. For example, in line with general trends towards whole-body wellness and natural living, more consumers who used to treat their hair with chemicals to straighten it are now assuming their natural style, which requires a ‘transition’ phase. Following this movement, brands are launching haircare products, such as Salon Line #to de cacho Cachos dos Sonhos Máscara Brilho Extraordinário (#I have curls Dream Curls Extraordinary Shine Hair Mask) that help consumers transition to their natural texture.. Although some products mention “wavy hair” on the pack, they all emphasize the word “curls” in other communication.

Appealing formats and packaging

Walk the aisles of a drugstore in Brazil and you’ll notice that many Brazilian brands use unusual packaging formats, such as food concepts (eg hair mayonnaise, butter, baking powder). Much like K-beauty, Brazilian haircare products also come in visually appealing, colorful and eye-catching formats and packaging. Brazilian brand Lola was one of the first to do this, but others such as Salon Line, Donna, and Kanechom are following suit.

Growth in men’s haircare

In Brazil, four in 10 male consumers say they have never used hair masks but would be interested in trying them, compared to one-fifth of women who say the same. Two in five Brazilian men look for haircare products with a moisturizing benefit. Brazilian haircare brands are capitalizing on this trend by extending scalp care lines to feature more products as moisture is a top concern for Brazilian male haircare consumers. For example, we’re seeing moisturizing mask innovations that care for the scalp and offer relief and restoration like Shiseido Professional’s The Grooming Hair and Scalp.

Juliana Martins
Juliana Martins

Juliana researches and writes Beauty and Personal Care reports for Brazil. She is a Marketing and Communications Professional with more than nine years’ experience helping companies better understand consumers’ behavior and better position their brands to maximize the return on investment. Juliana has a solid knowledge of consumer insights and the global beauty market.

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