Opportunities for innovation in China’s post-COVID-19 beauty market

Opportunities for innovation in China’s post-COVID-19 beauty market

July 27, 2020
3 min read

I recently had the honor to attend China Beauty Expo (CBE), an influential beauty event in China. Despite the current unusual time, I was excited about this industry pageant having still attracted a decent number of professional audiences, and looked forward to the future of the beauty sector.

Of course, I also shared Mintel insights into the development and innovation of in China’s post-COVID-19 beauty industry. In light of seismic shifts in the lives of consumers, brands have also similarly fine-tuned the pace of product launches. Next, I’ll take you through three key points of innovation in China’s beauty market.

Focus on Beauty Routine Changes

In view of health concerns, consumers have changed their lifestyles and beauty & personal care routines. Brands should promptly capture consumer changes and quickly take new product strategies.

New products highlighting sedative and relaxing properties have grown in the world for the past five years, according to Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD).

Sedative Hydrating Masks

Kypris Cerulean Soothing Hydration Recovery Mask features adaptogenic chaga to balance the human skin microbiome; paired with tremella, it can soften and hydrate skin. (United Kingdom)

Pure Artemisia Essence

Hanyul Artemisia Miracle Relief Essence is made from 100% artemisia argyi (a Chinese mugwort that is used in traditional Chinese medicine), which is harvested from Ganghwa Island, South Korea in every May. To enhance the relief effect, the mugwort extract is naturally fermented for three years. (South Korea)

“Health” as Focus of Communication

Health will always be a keyword. To restore/reinforce skin’s delicate barrier has become an important skincare objective among Chinese consumers. Nearly half of Chinese consumers associate products positioned as a “drugstore makeup” category with reinforcing/restoring skin’s delicate barrier (higher than those addressing skin problems and suitable for sensitive skin), according to Mintel data. Two-thirds of Chinese female consumers say that they know and buy skincare products containing probiotics. More than half of Chinese female consumers say that they know and buy skincare products containing enzymes.

Cream Fermented with Probiotics

Missha Time Revolution Night Repair Borabit Ampoule contains plenty of probiotics (Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and Lactococcus) fermentation liquid and Lactobacillus/Soybean Fermentation Extract, claiming it can improve overall skin health. (South Korea)

Hypoallergenic Cleansing Gel Foam

Dr.G My Skin Mentor pH Cleansing Gel Foam is a gentle probiotic cleansing product formulated with Multi-probio featuring a variety of lactobacillus fermentation solutes. This gentle yet effective foam cleanser removes dirt & impurities in pores.

Shift in Consumer Views

Three-quarters of Chinese consumers say that they will give more support for homegrown products after the pandemic, according to Mintel data. Nearly two-thirds of Chinese consumers agree that life should not be so “materialistic”. Meanwhile, more than four in five Chinese consumers agree that a socially responsible brand is more likely to have better-quality products. Therefore, embracing technology, community building and corporate social responsibility help brands drive more sustainable development and gain favor among consumers.

Emmy He
Emmy He

Emmy has over six years working experience on marketing research.Now she is mainly taking care of client service for China.

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