Consumer spotlight: Understanding Mexican men’s new needs

September 30, 2021
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The pandemic has shifted everyone’s habits, and Mexican men are no exception. Unlike women, many men (single men, brothers, husbands and sons) were challenged to be more involved with household chores such as cooking and cleaning, some for the first time in their lives.

The pandemic also brought a lot of anxiety and stress into men’s lives, as some male consumers have turned to personal care or exercise routines to relax.

The idea of what it means to be a man is shifting in Mexico

Evolving ideas around masculinity are driving Mexican men to start to be more in touch with their emotions, and this is leading to growing awareness of mental health.

When looking to connect with Mexican men, brands should consider that these changes are still underway. Supporting men who have already embarked on this journey is as important as encouraging more men to recognize toxic behaviors and embrace vulnerabilities.

Brands that are looking to inspire more men to pay attention to their emotional wellbeing would do well to promote open conversations around masculinity, as well as about how men deal with stress.

Nearly three in 10 Mexican men strongly agree that certain ingredients have a beneficial effect on their mood (eg chamomile is calming), and a third say they are interested in beauty/grooming products that help them relax, according to Mintel’s 35-market consumer research study.

As they age, Mexican men become more focused on brain and gut health

Prior to the pandemic, male consumers prioritized energy and heart health. As Mexican men aged, they became more focused on maintaining a healthy brain and gut. These priorities will likely continue beyond the pandemic, considering the high rates of death from heart disease and diabetes in Mexico.

Brands that are looking to explore brain health messaging would benefit from combining this with energy claims since boosting energy levels is important for all age groups.

Brands can take inspiration from Origenes Cocoa & Hazelnuts Cream, which is described as an energy food that is a good option for athletes, students and manual workers because it helps to balance the nervous system.

Mexican men’s attitudes towards beauty are evolving

A portion of Mexican men are taking pride in – and gaining greater confidence from – maintaining a well-groomed appearance, with nearly eight in 10 male consumers strongly agreeing or somewhat agreeing that it is important for men to use beauty or grooming products on a daily basis, according to Mintel’s 35-market consumer study.

The number of Mexican men who use grooming products to boost self-esteem or feel more attractive will likely continue to grow.

Brands that are looking to engage this demographic, or even make BPC use among men more acceptable, can take inspiration from more-evolved markets. In Australia, for example, a new personal care brand for men, STUFF, is championing healthy, more authentic versions of masculinity while helping fund young men’s mental health services.

Leverage men’s interests in new tech to promote healthier lifestyles and personal care

Male consumers in Mexico show a greater interest in the newest and trendiest technology, compared to women. Considering evolving gender definitions, it’s important to highlight tech’s ability to keep men’s lives and homes more balanced and organized. Four in five male consumers say that most of their leisure activities involve using digital technology.

When appealing to men through new technologies, brands would do well to design these in order to improve their lifestyles. For example, home appliances can highlight how they save time from tedious housework and how men can use this newfound time to relax, do therapy, spend time with family and friends, learn new skills or exercise.

Men are attracted to smart devices, and will likely be keen to use them for health and wellness purposes. This increases the possibilities for future devices and allows brands to rethink their product ranges.

For example, Panasonic has created the world’s first skincare shaver for men, which contains moisturizer and other skincare solutions built into the shaving device.

Mexican men care about scents and smelling fresh

Nearly half of men say that scent is important when choosing household cleaning products.

Downy Mexico‘s new launch Amanecer 5-in-1 claims to offer an extra-fresh fragrance with active capsules that help repel bad odors and provide “the powerful energy of a shower throughout the day.”

Household care brands will benefit from focusing on the new modern man, who is more involved with household chores, appreciates scents and wants to smell nice.

What we think

It will become increasingly important for brands in Mexico to recognize that ideas around masculinity are starting to shift. As men take better care of their health on a holistic level, from their weight to their mental health and even their laundry, brands can play an important role in men’s self-care journey. Brands can help men stay more in touch with their emotions, and aid them in recognizing and dealing with feelings of anxiety and stress.

Graciana Méndez
Graciana Méndez

Graciana is a Senior Regional Consumer Insights Analyst for Latin America at Mintel. She is responsible for developing research plans, analyzing consumer and market data, writing research reports on how consumer trends are evolving in the region and presenting insights to clients.

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