Millennials need to think about healthy aging today

November 5, 2020
3 min read

As the oldest US Millennials enter their 40s, it’s time to start tailoring healthy aging supplements for this generation. Millennials represent a key opportunity for healthy aging supplements, with half already agreeing they are more focused on their health than they were 10 years ago, compared to more than half of consumers aged 44-55, according to Mintel research on Marketing to Gen X. Additionally, half of US Millennials agree they are motivated to manage their weight so they can live longer, and just over a quarter agree they would be willing to pay to prevent a health condition, even if it might not occur.

Antioxidants are a key feature of healthy aging supplements

Although supplements that mention healthy aging are still niche, antioxidant-rich ingredients, including purslane and resveratrol, are often featured in these products. Build on the association between antioxidants and healthy aging, especially as three in 10 Millennials eat food and drink products that contain antioxidants. The Mediterranean diet, recognized as a healthy eating pattern for longevity, can be a source of inspiration for antioxidant-rich foods.

Bridge the gap between today and tomorrow by offering multiple benefits

Prevention is an important element to healthy aging, as discussed in Mintel Food and Drink Trend, ‘Through the Ages.’ To increase the appeal of healthy aging supplements among Millennials, brands should pair long-term, healthy aging benefits with the needs Millennials are looking to address today. Improved sleep, mood and reduced stress/anxiety are key benefits that US Millennials are looking for in supplements to help address their current health concerns.

Address sleep and stress today in healthy aging solutions

Coupled with diet and exercise, stress and sleep also play an important role in health. Reducing stress and improving sleep should be part of a healthy aging strategy.

In the US, while one-third of adults agree getting enough sleep is important for lowering your risk of serious health problems, more than two-thirds agree they struggle to fall asleep and/or stay asleep, according to Mintel research on over-the-counter sleep aids. This is especially true for Millennials, with more than three-fourths reporting difficulty sleeping. Stress is one of the leading reasons Millennials say they struggle with sleep. Nearly three in five Millennials agree stress regularly keeps them from falling or staying asleep.

In the US, New Chapter Women’s Magnesium Powder + Tart Cherry Dietary Supplement combines magnesium and tart cherry, which naturally contains melatonin, to support restful sleep and relieve occasional stress. Additionally, it contains nutrients that are essential for healthy aging.

Vitamin D can support immunity today and bone health tomorrow

Encourage vitamin D and calcium now for strong bones later on in life. Vitamin D plays a role in healthy immune function and also helps the body effectively absorb calcium. Rather than fighting bone loss after the mid-30s when calcium absorbability is already low, brands should educate younger generations to be more proactive toward bone health.

What we think

Millennials are on the cusp of middle age and are a key target for healthy aging supplements. While prevention is an important strategy for healthy aging, it is not always a top priority for younger consumers. Brands should help Millennials understand the benefits of investing in healthy aging solutions. To appeal to Millennials, healthy aging supplements will also need to be personalized and provide immediate benefits for the problems facing Millennials today, especially sleep and stress, along with longer-term nutritional solutions for aging.

Stephanie Mattucci
Stephanie Mattucci

Stephanie Mattucci is the Associate Director, Food Science at Mintel. Prior to Mintel, Stephanie worked as a food scientist in R&D for an ingredients company.

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