6 surprising facts about consumer markets in Brazil, China, UK and US

May 28, 2014
2 min read

Mintel’s team of global analysts have created a free download to evaluate the markets of four key economies – UK, US, China and Brazil. Download it now to gain an overview of consumer expenditure, market opportunities and hidden potential in key sectors around the world. Here, click through to find out six surprising facts you might not be aware of…


Dining In

In-home food accounts for a fifth (19.9%) of total consumer expenditure in China, compared to just 5.6% in the US.[/one_third_first][one_third]

Make Mine a Double

The proportion of spend on alcoholic drinks in China is more than double of that in the US (4.9% versus 1.8%).[/one_third]

Passion for Fashion

Share of spend on clothing and accessories in Brazil and China outweighs that of the US and UK (9% and 6.8% versus 4.2% and 6% respectively).[/one_third]

Digital Age

While Brazil allocates the least share of consumer spend to technology, its share is growing the fastest.[/one_third_first][one_third]

Travel Enthusiasts

The comparative spend on travel and tourism in China is over four times that of the US (9.2% share versus 2.2%).[/one_third][one_third]

Big Spenders

In the US – personal consumption expenditures on consumer goods reached $10 trillion for the first time.[/one_third]
Download the full version now to navigate the shift of household budgets and consumer spending priorities – as well as see markets in context via Mintel’s interactive data charts, by clicking here.

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