Top New Year’s resolutions for Brazilians in 2018

Top New Year’s resolutions for Brazilians in 2018

Updated: February 13, 2024
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With the start of a new year, most consumers are encouraged to change their lives for the better. In Brazil, many New Year’s resolutions gravitate towards healthy living – from promising to join a gym, and being more selective when choosing where to eat out, to cutting down on carbonated soft drinks and finding ways to boost energy in order to face the daily grind.

As we embark on another new year, here we share some predictions for Brazilians’ top New Year’s resolutions for 2018 and what they mean for companies and brands.

Eat healthy at home and away

Consumers want restaurants with healthier dishes. Indeed, according to Mintel’s 2017 report on eating out trends in Brazil, 33% of consumers would like to see more options of non-standard dishes on menus, (eg vegetarian, organic, gluten-free) and 31% believe restaurants should do more to tackle obesity (eg offer food low in salt). This opens up space for chefs to be creative and for restaurants to invest in innovations, different cuisines, and dishes.

In line with Mintel research, 71% of consumers tend to buy products with nutritional benefits. Highlighting these health benefits more clearly on the menu can add value to the dishes. Adding to that, sugar has become a major concern among consumers; more healthful drinks and desserts with less sugar or ones made with sweeteners may prove appealing.

Cut down on sugar and look for natural alternatives

On the quest for a healthier lifestyle, Brazilians are cutting down on soft drinks. From 2015 to 2016, the carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) market is estimated to have fallen 6.1% in volume sales, according to Mintel research on the carbonated soft drinks market. This is due not only to the country’s economic crisis, but to consumers’ concerns about health. Adding to this, Mintel research reveals that among consumers aged 45-54, 33% are drinking less diet/light/zero CSDs. This reduction is probably due to the fact that 34% say these products contain too many artificial flavors/preservatives. For the sugar-reduced category, it is important to use natural sweeteners, such as stevia, and look for alternatives that are naturally sweet and with less sugar and calories, such as honey, for example.

Boost energy through better food/drink

Why not to start the new year with more energy? As stated in Mintel’s healthy eating trends report, 38% of respondents show an interest in products that claim to “boost energy”. Nowadays, there are many products (in addition to energy drinks) that claim to give consumers more energy because they contain fiber, protein and ingredients from natural sources. 

Join a gym

Joining the gym is very likely to be another resolution for 2018, specially for men. They tend to agree more than women do with the statement, “I prefer to combine eating what I want with regular exercise rather than dieting alone”. Mintel’s research on healthy lifestyles, shows that men tend to exercise more regularly than women do as part of a healthy lifestyle (52% and 45%, respectively). Considering that men see physical exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle, but aren’t necessarily willing to give up eating what they want, brands could look to offer products that acknowledge small indulgences but show benefits linked to physical exercise.

Conversally, women tend to be more into dieting and are more interested in trying weight loss diets/programs (42% of women compared to 36% of men) and detox supplements (41% of women compared to 33% of men). Interest in weight loss diet/program peaks among women aged 35 to 44 (50%), while interest in detox diets/supplements is higher among those aged 25-34 (49%) and aged 35-44 (47%). Targeting specific female demographics presents opportunities for weight loss programs and detox supplement brands to focus on in 2018.

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