[WATCH] 2021 Chinese New Year Entertainment Guide

January 13, 2021
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Since it is Chinese New Year, relaxation and fun should be the focus of everyone’s attention. Nowadays, many complain that the festiveness of the New Year is getting weaker and weaker, and they miss the experience of the New Year when they were young. In fact, with the improvement of material living standards, people are more willing to enhance their experience and focus on spiritual enjoyment. Judging from Mintel’s COVID-19 tracking data, since January this year, the focus of consumption of Chinese consumers has been around health, food and household products. Meanwhile, the “Double Eleven” online shopping festival successfully revived people’s enthusiasm for consumption of non-essential goods.

Starting in December, every year, the festive atmosphere gradually intensifies. Starbucks’ Christmas decorations tell you that the year is about to end. Chinese begin to look forward to returning home to reunite and celebrate the Chinese New Year.

The Spring Festival in 2021 will be the most special one for a long time. Although there have been occasional confirmed cases of COVID-19, you can already see on the street that the enthusiasm of Chinese consumers for how to spend this holiday is gradually rising.

The Marni X Liu Wen pop-up store that just opened in Shanghai not long ago. This famous luxury brand has collaborated with supermodel Liu Wen to start a magical journey of circus carnival.

The concept of a pop-up store was first introduced to the Chinese market in 2006, and it has become quite popular among consumers and has gradually become a recognized marketing and sales method. So, which kind of pop-up store is most popular with consumers? Mintel surveys show that food and beverage, as well as clothing, shoes and bags are the most popular types of pop-up stores. In addition, because modern consumers are more deeply connected with brands than ever, younger people are more inclined to visit well-designed pop-up stores.

After talking about the pop-up store, let’s now take a look at another highlight during the holiday season – eating. Whether it’s Christmas, New Year’s Day or Chinese New Year, dinners with friends and family are indispensable.

What are some of the food trends to watch for in the past 2020? Plant-based meat. Meat is indispensable on the Chinese New Year’s table. However, in 2020, due to COVID-19, people began to pay more and more attention to meat products that are healthier, more sustainable, and more environmentally friendly, such as plant-based meat products. According to Mintel survey, about two-thirds of the interviewees said they have heard of plant-based meat products and expressed their willingness to try.

In addition to plant-based meat products, plant-based beverages and comfort foods have attracted more consumers’ attention in 2020. In terms of mood adjustment, chocolate is the most popular comfort food. Moreover, even before the outbreak, three in five chocolate users bought themselves chocolate to boost their mood. Crispy snacks (such as potato chips), small cakes, and pastries also belong to the comfort food category, because consumers seeking comfort prefer crisp and soft texture and taste.

Since it is Chinese New Year, relaxation and fun should be the focus of everyone’s attention. We’ll also share data and insights on movies, music festivals, video games, family-friendly leisure, pets, winter holidays, watch now!

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