New Star Wars film "awakens" packaging concepts

December 4, 2015
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The upcoming release of Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens spiked a number of limited edition and promotional packaging across all product categories around the world. Popular movie or TV show character merchandising on products is resonating with consumers who are particularly likely to buy products with featured characters they have seen in movies and TV shows. According to Mintel’s Character Merchandising US 2015 report, the core audience for character merchandising in the US is men age 18-34. Indeed, 72% of US men aged 18-34 bought items with a character after watching a show or a movie compared to 42% of US consumers who are parents of children under 18. Movie franchises play a huge role in driving character products sales. Among many popular characters for adults, Star Wars characters are popular with nearly three in ten US male consumers aged 18-34 and with two in ten female consumers of the same age.

In the advent of the Star Wars movie release later this month, we’ve taken a look at some of the most interesting food and drink and beauty and personal care product launches with packaging featuring Star Wars characters. These two categories are the next most popular with consumers after apparel merchandise with nearly half of US consumers buying these products with well-known characters.


Star Wars Chocolates

Country: Japan

Product name: Bourbon Star Wars Chocolates

Bourbon Star Wars Chocolates were launched in Japan. The plastic case inside that features a Star Wars character is meant to not just store individually wrapped chocolates but also to be repurposed for later use. By purchasing this chocolate pack, consumers can use the case as a piggy bank with a Star Wars design on it.


dark band aidsWhite band aids


Country:  USA

Product name: Johnson & Johnson Band-Aid Star Wars Assorted Size Adhesive Bandages

Johnson & Johnson released Band-Aid Star Wars Adhesive Bandages. The two packs are inspired by the dark side and the light side and are positioned as collector’s series.



Campbell soupCountry: USA

Product name: Campbell’s Healthy Kids Star Wars Shaped Pasta with Chicken in Chicken Broth

Campbell’s released Healthy Kids Star Wars Shaped Pasta with Chicken in Chicken Broth. The multipack package design incorporates Star Wars characters with product itself: pasta shapes for the soup match the Star Wars characters. The cans inside the pack feature limited edition labels prompting consumers to collect all Star Wars characters inspired cans.

strawberry shake


Country:  Switzerland

Product name: Danone Star Wars Strawberry Shake

Danone in Switzerland  incorporated Star Wars characters designed on yogurt tubs to celebrate the release of the upcoming Star Wars film.




covergirl 1

Country: USA

Product name: The CoverGirl by Lashblast Star Wars

CoverGirl in the US released limited edition mascaras which are available in The Super Size Dark Sider and The Super Sizer Light Side. The two mascaras are part of the total of 19 Star Wars inspired beauty products released by CoverGirl to celebrate the new movie. The mascara packages feature movie quotes like “May the force be with you,” “You’re my only hope” and “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” The mascara packaging can also be scanned with Blippar, the augmented reality app that allows consumers to unlock the exclusive content on their electronic device.



Country: USA

Product name: Jell-O Strawberry and Berry Blue Gelatin Dessert

Jell-O Strawberry and Berry Blue Gelatin Dessert comprises a Star Wars Jigglers mold kit with two Star Wars jigglers mold trays, two strawberry gelatin dessert and two berry blue gelatin dessert to make 24 jigglers in total. The back of the pack features cards with Star Wars characters that can be cut out and used to play a memory game.


cookiesCountry:  Canada

Product name: Christie Mr. Christie’s Disney Star Wars Cocoa Cookies

Christie Mr. Christie’s Disney Star Wars Cocoa Cookies launched in Canada combined Star Wars inspired packaging design with communicating the functional packaging attribute on the same front of the pack adding “snack packs” call out.




biscuit barCountry: UK

Product name:  Fox’s Biscuit Bars with Chocolate Space Rocks and Raisins

Fox’s Biscuit Bars with Chocolate Space Rocks and Raisins are available in a pack featuring Star Wars designs. Each chocolate bar is individually wrapped featuring different characters.


coffee creamerCountry: USA

Product name: Nestlé Coffee-Mate Italian Sweet Crème Coffee Creamer

Nestlé Coffee-Mate Italian Sweet Crème Coffee Creamer retails in a limited edition pack featuring a Star Wars theme to commemorate the release of the new movie. Unlike most other packages that prominently feature the characters or emphasize the dark and the light side on package design, Nestlé adjusts characters’ colors and designs to match coffee creamer’s flavors. The total of 5 limited editions packs are released with such product names as Spiced Latte Chewbacca, Hazelnut C3PO, French Vanilla R2D2, Italian Sweet Creme Boba Fett and Espresso Chocolate Darth Vader.



Viktorija Gnatoka is a Global Packaging Analyst at Mintel, where she is responsible for delivering packaging insights and actionable recommendations across multiple categories.

Viktorija Gnatoka
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