3 Valentine’s Day gifting ideas that capture our hearts

February 13, 2020
2 min read

It’s personal this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has become a multi-million pound event in the UK that is enjoyed by customers and retailers alike. However, today’s consumers want more than fanciful boxes of chocolates or a dozen roses. They’re on the hunt for that one perfect gift that will help validate their love for their partner – this means finding a gift with that special personal touch.

Gifts that say ‘I love you’

As with many of the seasonal events, Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity for retailers to try new concepts, highlight new launches and entice shoppers with new in-store services and online offerings that are themed around the occasion. Here, we present three quirky, beauty and personal care themed Valentine’s Day gift ideas that caught our eyes.

Rituals: Treat your significant other with Ritual’s first personalisation box. Mix-and-match products from its entire offering including its latest lip care collection, which have been carefully selected and assembled.

Lush: Pop into Lush on Oxford Street and pick up a ‘punful’ plant or a bouquet of flowers that are sure to put a smile on your partner’s face. Get cheeky with Lush’s new bath bombs shaped like a peach or aubergine. These novelty gifts should get a laugh and help the receiver unwind after a difficult day! Both products come ‘naked’, without packaging or plastic wrapping, amazing for those eco-conscious gifters who want to show a little love to our planet.

The Body Shop: For those daring last-minute shoppers, The Body Shop offers a helpful solution. Tell them you love them by personalising their favourite body butter. Stick to what you know and add their name, favourite colour and an image on top; it’s a quick and convenient way to say ‘I love you’.

What we think

There seems to be consumer fatigue with Valentine’s Day gifts, with our consumer research finding that nearly two-thirds of UK consumers agree that Valentine’s Day gift suggestions are often too stereotypical. Retailers will benefit from focusing efforts into making gifts personalised and customisable, as gender stereotypes are becoming less marketable, particularly among Generation Z and Millennials. More personalised and novel ideas will resonate and meet modern consumers’ needs, rather than leaning on gendered marketing efforts.

Emily Viberg
Emily Viberg

Emily Viberg is a Retail Analyst at Mintel. She researches and writes reports on seasonal shopping.

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