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5 of Ireland’s Most Innovative Home-Grown Companies

May 30, 2017
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According to the European Commission, Ireland’s economy experienced strong growth in 2022. Although there was a slight decline in 2023, the forecast anticipates continued growth over the coming years. In 2022, Ireland released their Impact 2030 report, which outlines a strategy for tackling social, economic and environmental challenges through prioritising research and innovation. 

In the spirit of this vision, we’ve highlighted five of Ireland’s most interesting and innovative home-grown companies:


To advance heart health technology and improve the lives of millions, the Belfast-based initiative, B-Secur, has developed software that leverages biometric data, particularly the unique patterns of the human heartbeat, for health monitoring purposes. By analysing the electrical patterns generated by the heart, B-Secur can not only create innovative and life-saving health solutions but also delve into other applications such as identity verification and access control.

After being awarded Digital DNA’s Small Tech Company of the Year 2021, B-Secur has made significant strides. In February 2023, B-Secur were at the centre of ground-breaking research surrounding stress monitoring. Their algorithm was instrumental in obtaining a continuous picture of an individual’s stress in real time which aided in learning more about the harmful health effects caused by prolonged or chronic stress. 


The alarming surge in fast fashion, from online retailers such as SHEIN and ASOS, has resulted in a not unfounded uneasiness towards shopping. Drobey, a fashion rental platform based in Dublin, aims to alleviate the guilt of keeping up with the latest trends or feeling good in a dress you’ll only wear once.

After noticing that the Irish rental market was not progressing at the same rate as that of the UK, founder Nicky Dwyer decided to take matters into her own hands. Today, Drobey caters to any event you can think of, from weddings to dinners with friends, and operates with fashion sustainability as its number one principle. It has hundreds of fantastic brands on offer for a fraction of the price, such as Ganni, Rat and Boa, and Aje. 


RugbySmarts was founded in 2020 when CTO William Johnstone noticed that the process for rugby video analysis was entirely manual. Motivated by a desire to revolutionise this process, he was inspired to use his knowledge of video manipulation and the power of AI to innovate a less laborious way to analyse rugby footage. This technology can identify all key events in a game making for fairer decision-making and eliminating human error.

RugbySmarts won ITAG Tech Startup of the Year in 2022 and in 2023, their CEO Yvonne Comer, former Ireland international rugby player, spoke at the Sport Innovation and Technology Summit hosted by Sport Ireland.


Founded in 2022, Yonder’s platform makes it easier for Irish employees to access health insurance and retirement benefits regardless of where they’re based. In partnership with Irish Life, Yonder’s tech-first approach minimises admin for employers and streamlines the employee benefits process, which the founders felt was outdated and inefficient. Using their mobile app, people can enrol and manage their benefits through local providers easily. This innovation will be especially game-changing for small and remote businesses. Yonder is now growing beyond Ireland and targeting international providers such as the UK, Portugal and Germany.

Dingle Distillery

No list would be complete without mentioning one of the pioneering companies in Ireland’s famed distillation industry. The first whiskey was released in 2016 – the centenary of Irish independence – fittingly as it was also the first produced in Ireland outside the big three distillers, Midleton, Cooley and Bushmills. Dingle uses a specially crafted still with a built-in bulge in the neck to produce its signature whiskey, unlike any in Ireland or Scotland. Dingle’s output is small, only four casks per day, but the company is trying to be the best, not the biggest.

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James Thompson
James Thompson

James Thompson is a Research Analyst in Ireland involved in the production of reports covering a range of sectors including food and drink, lifestyle and retail.

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