Cadbury 5Star is rewarding Indian consumers for doing ‘nothing at all’

January 7, 2022
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The fast-paced lifestyle and need for hyperconnectivity, especially among the urban centre and city population, has caused people to fall out of the habit of doing nothing and seeing the world go by. Keeping this in mind, Cadbury 5Star has opened the NothingCoin Bank where consumers can sit back, do nothing and earn NothingCoin which can be traded for tangible items.

In nothingness we gain

At the NothingCoin Bank at Nariman Point, Mumbai, visitors can earn the Cadbury 5Star cryptocurrency, NothingCoin, by doing, you guessed it, nothing. The set-up and operations are akin to a traditional bank – comfortable chairs, a 5Star ATM that dispenses free 5Star chocolate bars – the difference is that consumers are given NothingCoins to remain inactive on their smartphones and relax. These coins can be used by them as a mode of payment on 5Star Digital Mall, JioMart, Paytm and Zomato. 

With this initiative, Cadbury wishes to motivate consumers to change the pace of their daily routines, to spare a moment, switch off and observe the world around them through their senses, not their smartphones. This fun initiative comes at the right time considering that more than three fourths of Indian consumers, according to Mintel research, say most of their leisure activities involve using digital technology and 66% Indians say they are actively seeking ways to disconnect from their smartphones throughout the day. 

Cadbury is likely to win the hearts of many Indians. To begin with, the NothingCoin Bank will give the time-pressed Indian consumer a reprise. It will also engage keen crypto currency investors with a fun initiative. Finally, it will give consumers their time’s worth in the form of discounts and digital currency. This is in line with Mintel Trends ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ trend which observes that getting a deal has become a fun and social pursuit for consumers, searching for ways to purchase and save at the same time by scoring discounts with almost every purchase. Retailers and online start-ups alike are responding with fun and innovative discount promotions, thus adding to the thrill of saving. Brands that offer consumers the opportunity to pay with something other than money can not only position their company as fun and creative but also give them the feeling that they are getting a good deal. 

Another Mintel trend that Cadbury’s initiative supports is ‘Switch Off’ which states that in our always-connected world, consumers are looking for new ways to disconnect. This is especially true more recently as many Indians experience burnout as the prolonged stress of the COVID-19 pandemic surmounts. Taking a break from smartphones may seem overwhelming but consumers are ready to take it up, thus supporting Mintel’s ‘Challenge Accepted’ trend which predicts that a growing momentum to take on new challenges is driving consumers to reach new heights and uncover new passions.

Relax and rewind

The Cadbury 5Star NothingCoin Bank is an innovative approach that we’re seeing companies and brands across the globe embrace. Sweden introduced Kiliaro, a free, cross-platform social photo gallery app with a focus on a calmer, more conscious approach to digital life, as well as data privacy and security. In the Netherlands, Tubble has introduced an inflatable bathtub with dimensions of a normal bathtub intended to allow everyone, even those living in small spaces, to enjoy a relaxing soak. This has proved to be a boon for city dwellers who are living in small spaces and need to rewind and relax in budgeted ways. In a similar move, DTC brand Whiled makes products designed for leisurely, stress-free, slow-moving downtime, taking inspiration  from the concept of ‘whiling away’.

What we think 

Holistic wellbeing has become a central concern for consumers around the world since the onset of the pandemic. To help consumers achieve this, many brands through strategic campaigns are urging stressed Indian youth of today to just sit back and relax a little. The aim is to convey the message that breaks are important to successfully complete the race called life. Taking time away is the only way to keep oneself going, energised and rejuvenated, especially in today’s society as urbanisation and globalisation increase expectations and lifestyle ambitions. To convey this message, brands need to devise campaigns that not only focus on the benefits of their offerings but also create unique experiences that promote emotional, mental and psychological well-being. This way, brands can build a long-term association with consumers and be appreciated by consumers for encouraging them to achieve their personal health and well-being goals.

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