Fruit Soups Sweeten U.S. Restaurant Menus

November 21, 2006

Chicago (November 21, 2006)- Fruits are warming soup offerings on fine dining menus. According to Mintel, traditional vegetable soup flavors are feeling the heat from more experimental fruit combinations and flavor creations. Fruit was once reserved for chilled appetizers or refreshing dessert soups. Now, chefs are experimenting with them as main centerpieces for their hot soup creations. “Chefs continue to be innovative in the fruits they use in dishes across the board,” said Maria Caranfa, registered dietitian. “They are now showing that fruits and soups can blend to create great taste offerings. We expect to see chefs push the creations in this category as consumers show that they are willing to try new and interesting flavors of soup. Vegetables no longer hold exclusive power within this realm.”

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