Mintel Japan Expands Research Offering, Empowering Clients to Fully Understand Consumer Trends and Changes in Key FMCG Industries

May 11, 2023

Mintel, the experts in what consumers want and why, has announced today that it will expand Mintel Reports Japan in 2023 with the launch of a new category library – Food and Drink. More than doubling the consumer reports available to clients this takes the Mintel Reports Japan portfolio from 18 to 48 annual reports. This move will enable clients to gain a deeper understanding of the Japanese market and the factors that drive Japanese consumers’ behaviors, as well as help local clients understand and apply global trends.

The introduction of the new food and drink category reflects Mintel’s commitment to providing comprehensive and detailed analysis of the Japanese market, leveraging its strong market research capabilities and professional industry knowledge on a global scale.

Commenting on the expansion, Daisuke Fujita, Country Manager, Mintel Japan, said, “Mintel has been successfully partnering with FMCG brands in the Japanese market for over 10 years, dedicated to providing comprehensive market research and professional consulting services. The Japanese market is rapidly changing, with consumers, brands, and product innovation evolving at an especially fast pace. With the expansion of Mintel Reports Japan, our clients can now gain more insight into the Japanese market and better understand consumer behaviors and preferences, enabling them to confidently execute on their marketing and innovation strategies. We are dedicated to delivering the most valuable and highest quality research reports and consulting solutions to ensure Mintel is the strategic market intelligence partner our clients needs to grow their business.”

Launched in 2021, Mintel Reports Japan is an expert-led, interactive research tool with exclusive consumer data and actionable insights across the beauty, personal care, and lifestyles industries, developed to help clients understand Japanese consumers.

Naira Sato, Research Director, Mintel Reports Japan, added, “Mintel Reports Japan is highly praised by our clients, who use our research as the foundation to formulate market strategies and make business decisions. The expansion of the report series will feature an increased number of reports, covering various areas within the food and beverage industry. This enables our clients to not only understand shifting consumer behavior and market trends but also understand how global market trends are impacting the Japanese market. Our partnership with local Japanese companies is centered around helping them grow their business.”

Mintel Reports Japan is available for consultation and reservation. For more information, please contact for a free demo or click here to learn more.

Daisuke Fujita
Daisuke Fujita

Joined Mintel Japan in 2015, after working in the financial industry. Contributed for growing the customer base for Mintel’s core database GNPD (Global New Product Database). Started to manage the commercial team as the commercial director in 2018, and currently manages the business in Japan as a country manager.

Naira Sato
Naira Sato

Naira is Head of Mintel Reports LatAm and leads an expert team of cross-category analysts. Naira has over 10 years of experience in consumer research, working for CPG, consumer technology and B2B brands.

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