New food research from Mintel: portion control, fine dining, pasta

May 18, 2009

Chicago (May 19, 2009)—Mintel, a leading market and consumer research company, just published three new food reports on portion control, fine dining and pasta & pasta-based meals. See how Americans shop and dine differently in the face of major issues like obesity, the recession and time-strapped lifestyles.
100-calorie packs a tough sell: price and size deter hungry consumers
Though weight and health are major issues in today’s society, Mintel sees lagging interest in portion-controlled packaging. Only one in seven adults (14%) currently buy pre-measured packs, and the number one reason they do is convenience. Weight management comes second.
Of people who don’t buy 100-calorie packs, half say they just aren’t interested. Cost is another deterrent, and a third of people say they prefer measuring out their own snacks…
Fine diners in it for the food, but women also crave intimate settings and experience
Unsurprisingly, food quality is the most important factor to fine dining patrons. But Mintel reports that women rank a leisurely experience and atmosphere nearly as high. Four in five women (80%) feel atmosphere is important, while 88% told Mintel they like not “feeling rushed.”
Nearly three-quarters of fine diners also place importance on food presentation and staff knowledge about food and food ingredients…
America still not tired of pasta’s cheap, tasty options
From mac & cheese to spaghetti & meatballs, Mintel’s latest survey finds 92% of people eat  pasta. One in six Americans say they’re eating more pasta this year, with the number one reason being that pasta is an economical choice during challenging financial times. Nearly half of people who report eating more pasta are doing so because they just “don’t get bored with pasta”…
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