Vinaigrettes- Moving Beyond Plain Oil and Vinegar

July 3, 2006

Chicago (April 24, 2006)- Traditional oil and vinegar have gotten a makeover on national menus. Most traditionally used as a light dressing for salads, the addition of new flavors to the oil/vinegar mix is reviving the classic dressing. A recent Mintel report cites that more than one fourth of respondents use vinaigrette on their salads. Leading vinaigrette flavors on restaurant menus include balsamic, raspberry, red wine, Italian and lemon. Emerging vinaigrette offerings include tamarind, black walnut, cranberry, salsa, shallot and ginger. ” Consumers are always looking to add a fresh twist to their salads and meals, ” said Maria Caranfa. “Exciting new flavor varieties provide a great opportunity for experimentation. The new vinaigrette flavors are being well received across national menus. It is all about flavor, and vinaigrettes provide the perfect backdrop for endless flavor combinations. “

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