At this time of year, many consumers around the world are thinking about time off and stocking up on sun protection – either for while away, or in the duty free section of the airport. Mintel’s research shows that 74% of US consumers are interested in anti-aging facial skincare products that contain sunscreen while over half avoid the sun to prevent signs of aging. In Europe a similar picture is seen. Just under half of French consumers use sun protection to avoid skin ageing while over two thirds of Spanish consumers use or would consider using a facial moisturiser with sun protection.

As a result, we have seen a vast increase in demand for facial skincare products containing UV protection.

Don’t be fooled by the low 7% of global category launches in 2013 when it comes to haircare products offering UV protection, as it’s simply a case of supply not meeting demand. Consumers are showing an interest in haircare products that contain anti aging ingredients, with 60% showing an interest across countries such as France, Germany and Italy.

Mintel consumer and product research also highlights the differences in global appeal and how the use of traditional UV filters are combined with other ingredients to provide UV protection for haircare. Subcategory and regional analysis also helps define use of the claim in a category with significant potential for success in the future.

The UV protection sector across the likes of facial skincare, colour cosmetics and haircare is set to continue evolving on a global scale as consumer awareness of the damage caused by the sun increases.

Michelle is Mintel’s Director of Global Insight for Household, Health and Personal Care. Building on 25 years experience of analysing European consumer behaviour and markets at Mintel, Michelle provides the direction for our editorial analysis and consumer research program.

This blog references consumer reports on the skin protection products, available to purchase at our store.