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The evolution of the brand-consumer relationship is gaining momentum. Brands ask a lot of consumers, who, increasingly, are demanding more in return. Following the death of George Floyd in May 2020, brands were compelled to make statements admonishing racism and supporting racial justice. However, consumers want more than words: for example, 56% of Americans prefer to be associated with brands that align with their values. In this episode, Mintel experts in the fields of consumer behaviour, culture, trends, and lifestyles analyse what accountability, authenticity, and honesty mean for today’s brand-consumer relationship, how it evolves within cancel culture, and what brands must consider when speaking up. In a world where public image is meticulously crafted, words are good, but action is what’s important. If brands can’t afford to be static, but can only be reactive for so long, the question remains: what’s next?

[Disclaimer: This episode was recorded June 12, 20202; since then Starbucks has reversed its decision to allow employees to wear Black Lives Matter apparel.]


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Dana Macke (host)
Associate Director, Mintel Reports US, Lifestyles and Leisure


Toya Mitchell
Senior Multicultural Analyst, Mintel Reports US


Lisa Dubina
Senior Analyst, Mintel Reports US, Culture and Identity


Alex Milinazzo
Mintel Trends Analyst


Jeannette Ornelas Senior Digital Marketing Analyst, Comperemedia