Mintel is frequently sought out by members of the press to enhance their stories with best-in-class consumer research, and this week was no exception as we experienced a flurry of media attention across the globe.

The week in the US began with GCI Magazine referencing data from our Private Label Beauty report to illustrate how private label personal care products continue to thrive even after the recession. Our research found that 64% of women with an income between $100-150,000 plan to continue buying private label cosmetics in the future. Meanwhile, our hair color stats appeared in yet another beauty publication, Happi Magazine, for a profile of the home hair color market, a $1.9 billion industry. It seems hair color was a hot topic this week, as Supermarket News also featured Mintel figures in a story on do-it-yourself hair coloring.

Other great coverage came from a piece in Food Business News that quoted “high/added fiber” product launch figures from our Global New Products Database (GNPD) while the Minneapolis Star-Tribune used our cold cereal sales figures for a profile of Malt-O-Meal.

And in the realm of Finance