Mintel Comperemedia president Pamela McHugh has been elected onto the DMA Board of Directors for 2012. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) is the leading global trade group for multichannel direct marketing tools and techniques.

“I am very excited to serve on the DMA’s Board of Directors,” states Pamela McHugh. “The DMA is a driving force in the direct marketing industry, and I believe I will be able to service direct marketers well from this consultative board.”

In three years, Pamela McHugh has helped increase the scope of Mintel Comperemedia, which now offers a 360-degree perspective on direct marketing trends across industries. She streamlined internal operations to increase speed to market, thus allowing clients to respond better and faster to changing trends. To help direct marketers address key business issues, Pamela McHugh placed focus on brand strategy and target marketing.

From her history in direct marketing execution and analysis, Pamela McHugh has grown into an important consultative influence in the industry. She works with direct marketers across industry to understand their needs and create products and solutions that meet them.

“As part of the 2012 Board, I’m excited to contribute to the growth of the direct marketing industry by understanding the concerns of the nation’s top direct marketers and finding ways to help. I want to help the board gain strength and recognition, while collecting insights to better serve direct marketers across the country,” comments Pamela McHugh.