4 innovative beauty products to watch for in January 2021

January 26, 2021
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Mintel’s team of global beauty experts track product launches that address new consumer needs. This month, they spotlight products that support anti-ageing.

One Skin OS-01Topical Supplement

One Skin

Science-centric One Skin spotlights a hero senotherapeutic peptide (OS-01, decapeptide-52) to rejuvenate skin and slow down the signs of skin ageing (eg wrinkles, dark spots). The peptide is claimed to reduce cellular senescence in skin cells, which is claimed to negatively affect appearance.


People are looking for a more robust and substantiated skin wellness package. The indie brand’s focus on science and data appeals to a growing number of younger consumers, where three out of ten US adults aged 18-34 strongly trust beauty/grooming products created with scientifically proven ingredients/formulas. The value of science is further reinforced by the evidence-based approach to skincare development by the four PhD founders.

(Launched October 2020 in the US)
– David Tyrrell, Associate Director, Global Skincare

Daisy Sky Osmanthus Serum Oil

Daisy Sky Osmanthus Serum Oil is a natural-coloured, triple-layer textured facial oil for soft and radiant skin. The product comprises a unique triple-layer textured oil inspired by SNS-famous sandwich skincare treatment. The upper and lower layers consist of hydrolate, while the middle layer is a water-free essential oil. The water-oil-water layered structure creates a super-light sensation to the touch. The formulation contains osmanthus flower fragrance extract to help improve elasticity, moisture and radiance. Carnosine also protects skin from glycation and thioctic acid boosts the product’s efficacy.


Almost four out of ten Chinese consumers consider format and texture to be the most important factor when choosing facial skin care products.
(Launched in October 2020 in China)
– Laurie Du, Senior Beauty & Personal Care Analyst, China

Skynfuture Polypeptide Firming Mask Set


Skynfuture Polypeptide Firming Mask Set is a two-step facial skincare mask which contains a pre-mask probiotics base serum and 14 mask capsules. The base serum increases the absorption rate of the mask essence. The essence features rejuvenol’s slow release technology to ensure continuous absorption of the product during sleep. The product Features probiotics, multiple peptides, retinol and milk protein which help to smoothen, rejuvenate and increase firmness of the skin. The single-use capsules help to ensure freshness and effectiveness of the ingredients.


In China, nine in ten adults use facial masks. Nearly nine in ten face mask users use one before going to sleep, which is the most popular usage occasion. The pre-mask serum step would attract almost half of face mask users who would like to try facial masks featuring more serum.
(Launched November 2020 in China)
– Della He, GNPD – Coverage

Supergoop! Daily Dose Vitamin C + SPF 40 Serum


Supergoop! Daily Dose Vitamin C + SPF 40 Serum is a lightweight vitamin C-rich + SPF 40 serum that protects and brings out the glow. It contains anti-ageing stalwarts vitamin C, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid along with organic ultraviolet filters and Pseudoalteromonas ferment extract described to protect skin against blue light.


The serum simplifies a daily routine by offering multi-functional skincare and sun protection. Four out of ten US women aged 18-34 are willing to pay more for products with added skincare benefits. The 14% vitamin C SPF serum showcases a familiar hero trusted to be safe, healthy and effective. Two-thirds of US consumers have heard of vitamin C and look for it in the products they purchase. The high vitamin C concentration will draw interest from a greater number of people, in particular the young, in search of more effective skincare products.
(Launched in December 2020 in the US)
– David Tyrrell, Associate Director, Global Skincare

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