5 innovative beauty products to watch for in July 2020

July 7, 2020
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Mintel’s team of global beauty experts have been tracking product launches that address new consumer needs emerging during the pandemic. Here, they’ve included some of their top picks for July:

All about eyes

Expect a renewed focus on eye makeup with the use of protective mask-wearing across the globe.

Lily Lashes Power Liner

The 2-in-1 product is a highly pigmented, water-resistant, smudge-proof eyeliner that also has the qualities of an adhesive – without the stickiness and messiness of traditional lash glue. It combines steps in the false lash and liner process while cutting down the time usually spent waiting for lash glue to dry. The adhesive works for eight hours of wear and the false lashes can be applied to the eyeliner.


In the US, nearly three in 10 female consumers aged 18-24 used false lashes, and more than half of all female consumers consider long-wearing to be important when selecting makeup according to Mintel research on US color cosmetics.

Lauren Goodsitt, Senior Global Beauty & Personal Care Analyst

Guerlain Mad Eyes Mascara

This mascara product features cotton extract to smooth the surface of lashes and thicken the core of each lash. It also uses beeswax to allow the user to customize their desired amount of volume without lashes getting clumpy or feeling stiff. The formulation includes D-panthenol to hydrate lashes and provide resistance and flexibility to prevent eyelash loss.


Seven in 10 US female consumers use mascara. Mascara can complement various trend-driven makeup looks, such as natural or glamorous. Given its shorter shelf life and replenishment cycle, consumers are willing to experiment with various types.

– Lauren Goodsitt, Senior Global Beauty & Personal Care Analyst

Focus on skin

With more time at home, consumers are focusing on improving skin health and looking for products with proven science.

DeliKate Recovery Serum

As part of the three-step DeliKate system, the Recovery Serum Stressed Skin Saver promises to help calm skin. The lightweight, hydrating serum formulation includes ceramides to support a healthy skin barrier and cucumber seed oil and Tasmannia lanceolata (pepperberry) fruit extract to calm skin. Key ingredient Ectoin’s multiple functions include calming stressed skin, promoting barrier repair and protecting against pollution and blue light.


COVID-19 has led to many consumers spending more time on their skincare as a form of self-care and a way to reduce stress. According to Mintel’s Global COVID-19 Tracker, more than two in five US consumers report making their mental wellbeing a higher priority since the outbreak.

– Sarah Jindal, Associate Director, Global Beauty & Personal Care

Algenist Blue Algae Vitamin C Dark Spot Correcting Peel

The algae-based brightening peel touts vegan credentials and contains a variety of natural ingredients to produce a brightening peel. Brand hero alguronic acid along with a renewable source of the most active form of vitamin C from blue-green algae and a trifecta of hydroxy acids (AHA/BHA/PHA) work together to reduce unsightly dark spots and blemishes to make the skin more evenly toned.


In growing support of Mintel 2019 BPC Trend, ‘Beauty with a Brain,’ more than half of US female consumers trust beauty and grooming products made with scientifically proven ingredients. Due to COVID-19, expect more brands to push human use studies to support claims. Self-assessment studies can build greater consumer confidence to trial.

– David Tyrrell, Associate Director, Global Skincare

Don’t forget the derriere

A rise in wellness and self-care extends to full-body support.

Bawdy Beauty CBD Butt Balm

A stick format balm for the derriere hydrates and helps relax sore muscles. As interest in waterless cosmetics has grown, more solid and stick format products have entered the market across a variety of categories. The expanding wellness trend brought a new class of ingredients – adaptogens – into beauty, the most well-known of these being CBD. This solid stick balm includes CBD from organically grown hemp, Mediterranean brown algae and hyaluronic acid. The ingredients in the formulation and the massaging action used to apply it, hydrate and soften an often-neglected part of the body and help relax muscles after working out.


Mintel 2017 BPC Trend, ‘Damsels in De-Stress’ introduced the concept of adaptogenic ingredients moving from nutrition into beauty. Mintel 2019 BPC Trend, ‘Beauty With a Brain’ examined this more closely with a focus on CBD.

– Sarah Jindal, Associate Director, Global Beauty & Personal Care

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