Beauty and Personal Care Landscape: Asia Pacific 2022

Beauty and Personal Care Landscape: Asia Pacific 2022

The latest market research, product innovation insights and consumer trends from across the beauty and personal care industry.

In 2022, we have seen consumers taking a more proactive approach to health, and this has influenced their purchase intent and motivation when it comes to beauty products.

In the new edition of ‘Asia Pacific Beauty and Personal Landscape 2022’, we spotlight the latest consumer trends and key market developments and their implications for brands.

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  • The shift from ‘protection against’ offerings towards more positive territory with skin barrier claims
  • The opportunity space with engineered ingredients showcasing both effectiveness and sustainability
  • The ‘skinimalism’ trend in Japan driving demand for result-driven and multipurpose products
  • Skincare as the new self-care and how sensorial textures can add excitement to holistic beauty in India
  • Emerging waterless innovation to maximize the ingredient efficacy in China

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Beauty and Personal Care Landscape: Asia Pacific 2022