Beauty Spot: Lash care

April 25, 2018
3 min read

With the buzz around professional lash services increasing, a new subset of consumer product demands have been created. There is an opportunity for brands to develop complementary products that can be used alongside lash extensions, or in conjunction with lash lifts, to capture more consumers.

Combating lash damage

Lash extensions can place a great amount of stress on consumers’ natural lashes. The type of adhesive, dimension, and length of the lashes used can impact the trauma incurred throughout the process. The aftermath can result in brittle, weak, and/or broken natural lashes. It’s recommended that consumers take a break from lash extensions every four months to allow the lashes to recover.

For those looking to take a break or to transition away from extensions, lash serums or specific lash enhancement products can provide the needed nourishment to promote healthy lashes. Brands can offer products that directly combat damage caused by extensions, such as lash serum, eye cream or infused mascara. Products with specific ingredients, such as peptides and biotin, may promote lash growth either during breaks or when consumers stop using extensions.

BeautyGARDE Oil-Free Mascara is a water-based mascara that is specially formulated to be used on top of false lashes and extensions. It also works well for consumers with straight, thin lashes, and for those with hooded eyelids.

LASHFOOD Phytop-Medic Eyelash Enhancing Serum enhances the length and thickness of natural lashes, but can also be used in conjunction with lash extensions to get a longer-lasting bond life.

Popularity of lengthy lashes around the world

Consumers around the world show a desire for luscious, perfectly-curled lashes, especially among younger women, and the growing incidence of lash lifts and extensions meets this need. Six in 10 US female makeup wearers say they use mascara, rising to 75% of women aged 18-24. Meanwhile, more than a quarter of UK women aged 25-34 use makeup to draw attention to certain parts of their face, such as their eyes.
23% of Chinese makeup wearers have gotten eyelash extensions in the past six months.
Eyelash extensions in particular are gaining traction in China, with 23% of Chinese makeup wearers getting eyelash extensions. Though lash extensions may seem like a threat to color cosmetics, potentially eliminating the need for mascara and other eye makeup, data shows that they do not prohibit consumers from using eye makeup. In fact, Mintel research shows that Chinese consumers with lash extensions are more likely to use color cosmetics (eye makeup and mascara included) over their counterparts without lash extensions.

Color cosmetic brands have the opportunity to create and market products that compliment lash services. Brands can target already-engaged consumers to increase their product repertoire with those that are specific to lash extensions.

Lauren Goodsitt
Lauren Goodsitt

Lauren is the Associate Director for Mintel’s BPC Platform, with a concentration on color cosmetics and fragrance. She was previously a Global Beauty & Personal Care Analyst at Mintel, using research to help develop innovative product concepts, understanding the beauty landscape and to apply relevant industry trends.

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