Brands can incorporate bodycare products into consumers’ self care rituals

November 9, 2020
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In the ongoing pandemic, consumers seek out rewarding bodycare events in home confinement to refresh, revive and renew. Brands should rev up the self-care ritual with bodycare products that amplify physical and emotive stimulation to improve mood and relieve anxiety.

Promote a multi-tier sensory experience

Younger consumers are spending more time on self-care routines. including more than one-third of Gen Z – which include taking long baths and adding steps to skincare routines, according to Mintel research on personal care consumers. People look for personal moments to distance themselves from the daily hyper-stressful situations of the pandemic. They want to feel good, but they also want sensory pleasantries. In the US, more than half of women aged 18-44 want bodycare products that make skin smell good, according to Mintel research on bodycare and deodorant.

Tap nostalgia with combinations of formula and scent to enlighten the experience. Candle aromas plus bodycare can help to revive a ‘happy’ mood and will find greater use in meditation – a traditional retreat for many that has become increasingly popular in the US.

Affordable self-care bodycare sought by US Generation Z

Source: Glossy

TikTok has become the platform used by US Generation Z to seek out product advice from a growing number of “skinfluencers” (Hyram Yarbro has amassed 5 million followers). Teens are looking for authentic reviews at a time when COVID-19 has impacted their spending to the lowest level in 20 years, according to a survey by Piper Sandler.

Affordable becomes a more important criterion and mass-priced, dermatologically leaning brands (eg CeraVe) have benefited. It might explain, in part, the nearly 22% increase in US bodycare multi-outlet sales for the CeraVe brand from 2019 to 2020.

Derma brands have an opportunity on TikTok to promote traditional bodycare products, where skin benefit claims are supported by clinical evidence, to a growing number of skin-tech teens and TikTok “skin experts” focused more on straightforward performance.

Charge up the self-care ritual by pairing bodycare with a candle’s inspiring scent

Supercharge scent
Sol de Janeiro Carnival Shimmer Brazilian Bum Bum Cream pairs the rich body pistachio- and salted-caramel-scented cream with the Cheirosa ’62 salted-caramel-, pistachio-, jasmine-petals- and vanilla-scented candle.

Heighten emotive response
Bija Essence Daily Body Oil + Red Rose Candle offers an aromatherapeutic unwinding with body oil packed with organic essential oils along with an earthy candle fragrance.

Find inner peace
The Ritual of Jing Calming Ritual contains a set of body products (mini foaming shower gel, body scrub and body cream), and combined with the “The Ritual of Dao” scented candle, relaxes the user to provide peaceful sleep.

Urgent need for self-care hand products due to COVID-19

According to IRI, ending from July to September 2020, sales of hand sanitizers jumped nearly 420%; heavy-duty hand cleaners have climbed about 10%. Complaints of dry, chapped and irritated skin will rise with increased frequency and intensity of handwashing and sanitizing.

Showcase product claims and benefits that protect from and/or restore hand health from the effects of extensive handwashing and sanitizing due to COVID-19:

  • Soothe and refortify hands with native skin molecules lost (eg ceramides)
  • Promote longer-lasting moisturization claims
  • Create more elaborate multi-functional, mood-improving products
  • Showcase nighttime masks to restore hand health while helping to calm mood

Bodycare spotlights hemp ingredients for self-care reboot

The need to satisfy both physical and mental wellness has seen increased usage of Cannabis sativa (hemp) plant ingredients in new bodycare products over the last year. New bodycare launches with Cannabis sativa (hemp) seed oil (rich in nutritious omega-3 and -6 essential fatty acids) have increased in major Western markets (such as the US, UK and Germany).

Usage of CBD in new bodycare launches has risen in the US and UK. During a time of high uncertainty in which people are looking to reduce stress, the combination of hemp seed oil and CBD offers a holistic health & wellness from within and out narrative that delivers nutritional vigor and emotional rebalance.

David Tyrrell
David Tyrrell

David Tyrrell is Global Skincare Analyst at Mintel. He analyzes consumer skincare needs and behaviors, ingredient and product assessments and competitive insights.

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