Bring bathtime back into fashion

August 10, 2018
3 min read

Although consumers around the world are taking more showers than baths, many still seek the wellbeing benefits of bathing. Brands have the opportunity to make bath products stand out by promoting them as a simple wellness solution. Innovative bath products can transform bathing into a more stimulating, entertaining experience. Younger consumers are likely to try products that offer Instagrammable moments.

Self care is key for bath products

Bath products that offer more than basic cleansing and skincare benefits are gaining consumer interest, particularly mood-enhancing products that address emotional wellbeing needs. As discussed in Mintel Trend, “Mood to Order,” an increasingly fast-paced world has caused consumers to seek out mood-boosting, relaxing personal care products.

Although showering is more common than bathing among consumers across the world, growing demand for self-care products can lead to an uptick in bathing, as it is already perceived as a relaxing activity. In order to make bath products stand out as a wellness solution, brands should consider leveraging a stronger therapeutic and self-care positioning.

Bathing is more than just a cleansing experience

Innovations within soap, bath and shower categories often revolve around skincare benefits, such as moisturizing, deodorizing, exfoliation, etc. However, products that go beyond functional benefits are appealing for consumers and will help to drive segment growth.

Bath products that offer a unique experience or a photo-worthy moment, have the potential to capture consumer attention and influence consumers to take more baths.

Capture consumers’ attention through eye-catching experiences

LUSH introduced a multi-layered bath bomb that releases aromas and blends of slow and fast fizzing colors when dropped into water, resulting in an artistic rainbow swirl in the bathtub.

This multi-sensory experience eventually led to consumers sharing their tubs’ artistic masterpieces on social media. LUSH now encourages customers to share their experiences on social media using #bathart, which has made multi-layered bath bombs a perfect Instagrammable product.

Health benefits of bathing

While bathing is often perceived as a cleansing and relaxing activity, consumers need to be educated about its health-related benefits. For example, there are bath products that claim to help users sleep better, fight off illness, soothe sore muscles after a workout, and much more.

According to Mintel Trend, “Help Me Help Myself,” consumers are seeking self-betterment tools that keep them on track with their personal and health goals. Educating consumers on the health benefits of bathing can influence them to take baths more frequently.

Self-care focused bath launches

Post-workout soak
Goop’s Phys.Ed. Recovery Bath Soak claims to help users rebound more easily after a workout, sports, or other physical exertion.

Cold-relieving bath
Dresdner Essenz Cold Relief’s Invigorating Bath claims to help users feel better naturally, particularly during the cold and flu season.

Bathing for weight loss
Natura List’s English Bath Salt for Weight Loss is said to promote weight loss, reduce cellulite, remove toxins, and tighten the skin.

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Olivia Guinaugh
Olivia Guinaugh

Olivia is a Home & Personal Care Analyst at Mintel. She explores trends and new business opportunities in household and personal care categories.

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