How can beauty and personal care brands support consumers’ mental health post-pandemic?

April 20, 2021
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Mental health has become a key topic of discussion in recent years and has become even more so as a result of the pandemic. In this blog, our analysts highlight their top picks for products that are positioned to help consumers’ wellbeing and explore the opportunities for brands in the beauty and personal care sectors.

Andrew McDougall, Associate Director, Beauty & Personal Care:

The Nue Co Forest Lungs Eau du Parfum directly correlates with mental health. It is said to deliver the healing effects of nature, and is meant to replicate the molecular compounds produced by trees, phytoncides – credited for the health benefits associated with forest bathing, namely stress reduction, anxiety reduction and boosting the parasympathetic nervous system. The Nue Co itself has the aim of redefining the relationship with health, blending science and natural innovation to deliver effective, yet gentle solutions, working with clinically proven ingredients, as well as best practices from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. The brand also regularly runs mental health awareness campaigns.

The Nue Co Forest Lungs Eau de Parfum (UK)

Source: Mintel GNPD

Philosophy The Microdelivery Dream Peel is described as an overnight face mask that works while the user sleeps and over time to reveal healthier-looking skin night after night.It contains a resetting probiotic complex that taps into the trend toward probiotics and microbiome in wellbeing. Sales of the product supports community based mental health efforts with the Hope & Grace Fund. Philosophy, as a brand, has worked with this initiative since 2014, donating millions of dollars to community-based organisations committed to mental health efforts. It has continued to normalise the conversation around mental health with programmes like “Staying in With Philosophy,” a weekly Instagram live series created to help provide mental health tools, resources and coping mechanisms while confined due to COVID-19.

Philosophy’s Dream Peel (France)

Source: Mintel GNPD

Andrea Wroble, Senior Health and Wellness Research Analyst, Mintel Reports US:

Hello recently launched a toothpaste combo to coincide with consumers’ morning and evening routines. The “good night” toothpaste features lavender and chamomile to wind down and relax before bedtime. The “good morning” version is made with lemon and ginseng to help adults wake up and feel refreshed. The innovative approach to oral care connects a simple task to consumers’ emotional state as they start and end the day. The assumption that oral care routines are mundane stems from their consistent nature, but more US consumers are considering oral health a component of self-care rather than a chore. Hello puts a new focus on brushing teeth, as even simple routines can improve mood and mental wellbeing.

Hello “Good morning + Good night” toothpaste combo (US)

Source: Hello

Vick’s VapoBath and Vaposhower collection provides non-medicated vapors with menthol, eucalyptus and camphor to combat feeling tired or run down. Stress and anxiety have notably impacted consumers over the past year: more than one in four US consumers feel less in control of their health since January 2020. The top two reasons causing lack of control are concern over exposure to COVID-19 and heightened stress or worry. To combat emotional strain, the use of at-home products as coping solutions have gained new focus. Vicks is embracing a wellness approach by merging recovery with soothing aromatherapy and relaxation. The brand, which is typically used in response to feeling sick, is connecting day-to-day routines to improved wellbeing by positioning recovery and relief as pillars of self-care.

Vick’s VapoBath and Vaposhower (US)

Source: Mintel GNPD

Want to find out more about how brands can navigate the mental health landscape? In the latest episode of our Little Conversation podcast, Andrew and Andrea sit down with our food and drink experts to discuss mental health awareness and the actions that brands need to take to support consumers on their mental health journey.

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