How COVID-19 accelerated the 2030 Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends

September 14, 2020
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COVID-19 has had a profound impact on consumer lifestyles, the global economy and every consumer market. As a result, Mintel predictions from the 2030 Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends have accelerated with implications for the next 3-5 years. A renewed focus on science and nature brings new sustainability approaches to the forefront as predicted in ‘The Panorama of Humanity’ Trend. Recent events keeping people apart has helped redefine the concept of connection, making the ‘Identity Traders’ Trend more relevant in the short term.

Here, we take a look at how the pandemic has accelerated Mintel’s 2030 Global Beauty and Personal Care Trend predictions.

The Panorama of Humanity

What’s shifted?

As COVID-19 drives consumers’ lives online, the evolution of how and where brands sell has quickly shifted. Mintel Trend Driver, ‘Technology’ looks at how consumers find digital solutions for real-world problems. With many store closings, a robust digital retail strategy has become a necessity. Communicating and connecting with consumers virtually through authentic content and messages has become the most impactful way to maintain a trusting consumer-brand relationship, leveraging digital platforms for web chats and live streaming.

Consumer trust has come into focus with many finding science to be the answer as it provides clear-cut information and reassurance where it has been lacking. Eco-ethical conversations have taken over as consumers become increasingly concerned about company practices, particularly how they care for employees. While sustainability paused in the short term due to concerns over hygiene, it will return, reinventing “clean” with a new mindset of how product manufacture, purchase, and use impacts the world around us.

Trend acceleration in action

Source: Apex

Plan for the skin of the future
APEX, from Japanese skincare brand Pola, has launched APEX Skin Planning – it uses AI to analyze skin condition and predict future changes to curate long-term skincare regimens.

Skincare grown to order
Haeckels Bio Restore Membrane leverages biotechnology for peak sustainability. The UK-based brands’ eye masks are grown to order from agar (seaweed). The packaging is compostable and refills can be ordered, making it plastic-free.

Source: Kiehl’s

Retail teams turned virtual consultants
Kiehl’s Virtual Skincare Expert is an example of a brand quickly pivoting to keep sales teams employed by offering virtual consultations via video chat. These services are now becoming a permanent offering as a way to engage with consumers.

Identity Traders

What’s shifted?

Though consumers were looking to switch off and get back into the real world for more face-to-face connections before COVID-19, the pandemic has shifted the reliance back onto digital as the only safe way to remain connected. This shift has created a real longing for in-person interactions to come back with a renewed level of value placed on them. A simple hug from a friend is something many people have been without for months.

The idea and sense of community, as highlighted in Mintel Trend Driver, ‘Identity’, is one that has shifted significantly as well and that all consumers are looking to find whether online or offline. Brands have stepped in during periods of quarantine to help foster open communication between like-minded consumers. This sense of belonging and human-to-human interaction is essential, especially for many whose “third place” has moved into the home. For many, the home is now a living and working space, a gym, a spa, and for some, a classroom. As people spend more time at home and invest more in their home spaces, brands will continue to tap into this new homebody culture, creating products and messaging that can help reinvent people’s homes.

Trend acceleration in action


Create new connections
@cosme Tokyo’s 3F is a member-only space located above one of Harajuki‘s busiest cosmetics stores. It aims to allow users and brands to connect through exclusive access and events.


Shop styling videos
Nordstrom fashion styling videos are for the many who don’t want to shop in-store just yet but consider buying a product without seeing it in person to be risky. Nordstrom’s styling videos provide an interactive product view.

Source: Google

Entertainment and retail
Shoploop from Google allows users to discover new products through short, entertaining videos that are clickable. Users can save products for later or click straight through to purchase.

What we think

Pay attention to consumer lifestyle shifts across regions; different behaviors will warrant products with different functionalities. Those still staying home will look for products with more of a professional feel. Brands that create a sense of community among their following will more effectively rebuild brand-consumer relationships and give consumers a way to connect with like-minded people. Be authentic, whatever that means for individual brand identity. Today’s consumer can sniff out disingenuous messaging, so don’t fall into the trap; be true and truthful.


Sarah Jindal
Sarah Jindal

Sarah Jindal is Senior Innovation and Insights Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care at Mintel. She lends her expertise to beauty clients in developing ingredient technologies.

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